New Universal Studios Orlando Minion Land Eateries

Florida - Orlando - Universal Studios - Minion Land - Eateries - Despicable Me
Florida - Orlando - Universal Studios - Minion Land - Eateries - Despicable Me

The grand opening of Universal Studios Minion Land is scheduled for August 11. There will be a new attraction and a gift shop but what Minions fans may well be looking forward to are the new culinary experiences awaiting them. Also, check out our article on all Minion Land has to offer (Here).

Universal Studios unveiled their new dining spots at the heart of the Minion Land section of the park last month. Now guests can forge a new fun-filled culinary path through this new immersive land.

Whether you are in need of a full meal, cookies, or some refreshing popsicles, Minion Land is sure to please. So, let’s take a look at the New Universal Studios Orlando Minion Land Eateries. 

Minion Café 

Minion Café is now open. It boasts a vibrant atmosphere and an overall immersive dining experience that appeals to all ages. The café is decked out all in yellow with Minion characters – and bananas – everywhere – but mostly in the large centerpiece.  

There are three restaurant sections – the dining room, the kitchen, and the break room. Each features its own special touch from all the favorite minions – Kevin, Bob, Stuart, and Otto. If the bright banana-yellow décor doesn’t wow you, then you’re sure to love the mouthwatering list of Minion-inspired dishes. 

From Carl’s Crispy Cauliflower (vegetarian) and Mel’s Meatball Mountain to great options for the kiddos like the Mini Boss’ Mega Melt Minion’s has it covered. Everywhere you look are homages to Minion characters like the Minion Swiss Roll and Otto’s Pet Rock. 

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Florida - Orlando - Universal Studios - Minion Land - Eateries - Despicable Me


If you’ve spent a day at Universal Studios and you’ll in terrible need of refreshments, then Pop-A-Nana is your destination. This playful banana-themed popcorn stand is the go-to spot for a quick, light snack or a sweeter option. 

At Pop-A-Nana you can grab some regular popcorn or brave some sweet Banana-flavored popcorn. You can get it in a cup or, if your eyes are much bigger than your tummy, get it in a souvenir bucket.   They also have specialty drinks like the PX-41 Punch or The Antidote which blend flavors and textures that are positively Minion-esque. 

Freeze Ray Pops 

If Pop-A-Nana doesn’t quite satisfy your sweet tooth, you’ll want to head to Freeze Ray Pops. They feature delicious and refreshing frozen Popsicles inspired by the franchise’s freeze-ray weapon.  

You can get popsicles in a wide variety of flavors and bright colors. What a better way to beat the heat than treating yourself to fruity popsicles in the Minion Universe?  

Expect standard fruit flavors like banana, strawberry, and blueberry, or specialty pops like Minions or Gru. These frozen delicacies are not only yummy, but they also immerse you in the Minions experience with eat bite.  

Bake My Day 

Another exciting spot for the sweet lovers, Bake My Day is a charming Minion-themed bakery offering pastries, cupcakes, cookies, and more. You’ll be wowed by intricately designed Minion macarons and banana-flavored Swiss rolls with a mouthful of delight with each bite.  

Dining at Minion Land in Universal Studios Orlando was clearly designed to do more than satisfy your hunger. It’s a wholly immersive experience that brings the magic of the Minions to life through a wide range of delicious treats.  

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Each dish or delight is infused with the charm, whimsy, and spirit of the Minions. So, if you’re headed to Universal Studios, be sure to hit up Minion Land and take your taste buds on a memorable adventure.  

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