Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom – Avoid These Mistakes

Florida - Orlando - Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom
Florida - Orlando - Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom

Traveling to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom for the first time? Rookies to Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom often make a lot of the same mistakes when visiting the park.  

Recently, we addressed rookie mistakes to avoid when traveling to Disney’s EPCOT. Today we’ll discuss Disney’s largest and most popular park.  

There are mistakes you’ll want to avoid if you’re traveling the for the first time. So, let’s unpack Walt Disney World’s Magic Kingdom – Avoid These Mistakes. 

Not Making Your Disney Reservations in Time 

Sure, you’ve bought your Disney world tickets online. But that’s still not enough. You also have to make a reservation for the theme park on the day you want to visit. We recommend making those Disney World reservations right after buying your tickets online.  

Not Booking Lightening Lane and Arriving Late  

It makes perfect sense that people, who probably have to get up early every day to go to work, don’t want to rise early on vacation.  There is also the fact that many resorts offer a delicious and free breakfast. So, newbies may easily prioritize breakfast over hitting the parks.  

However, we’re here to tell you that this is one of the biggest mistakes that Disney greenhorns make. We’d hope you wouldn’t travel all the way to Disney World Orlando to waste precious time at the hotel. 

So, get to the park at Rope Drop, and don’t forget to book your Lightning Lane (you can use Touring Plans) and join the virtual queue for TRON Lightcycle / Run right at 7 AM.  

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Florida - Orlando - Walt Disney World - Magic Kingdom

Booking Only One Day 

A trip to Walt Disney World Orlando is usually no small feat for most families. There is so much to do, so many rides to experience, and so much to eat! So many disappointed Disney fans have rued not blocking more than one day mentioning all that they missed.  

Sure, you may get a Lightning Lane, and you may even arrive at the park early, but if you only book one day at the park, you are most definitely going to miss a lot. We suggest booking at least two days. This will help you try more rides, enjoy more interesting treats, and experience all of the entertainment options you can. 

Not Getting Enough Pictures at Disney World 

Many first time Disneygoers have wished they would have taken more photos of their family having fun at Magic Kingdom. When you’ve got a plan, and you’re so laser-focused on completing it, you can often forget to take those memorable snapshots.  

Disney has what’s called PhotoPass which opens the door to several photographers stationed around Disney’s parks who are there to take your protos for you. Of course, you can use the pass and buy the photos, but you can often just ask a cast member to snap a shot for you using your own phone. 

Not Taking Time to Enjoy Magic Kingdom 

Many first-timers to Disney have expressed regret at rushing through their time at Disney’s Magic Kingdom. Again, when you have an agenda, it’s difficult not to be so laser-focused on it that you forget to stand back and take it all in.  

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It’s perfectly normal, when you put so much effort into planning your Disney vacay, to let the pressure to complete it goad you out of having a great time. Don’t forget to take the time to appreciate the moment.  

Spending too Much Time in Restaurants 

Disney World’s Magic Kingdom has a plethora of food items to try. If you make too many reservations in table service restaurants, you could lose hours of time in the park.  

Rather, try using quick service meals and Mobile Order ahead of time. This will save you time waiting in lines. Try Columbia Harbour House, which offers items like Salmon, Grilled Shrimp, Salads and more. 

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