Caribbean: Saint Lucia – What to Do in St. Lucia

Caribbean: Saint Lucia

Saint Lucia is a beautiful Caribbean island and loaded with things to do for travelers.

Climb Saint Lucia’s Gros Piton

When you visit St. Lucia, you have to at the very least travel to the Gros Piton.

It is the most iconic spot on Saint Lucia, if not in the entire Caribbean. Gros Piton is part of the two volcanic mountains in St. Lucia. Gros Piton is the largest and Petit Piton is the smaller.

Caribbean: Saint Lucia - Gros Piton

At 798 meters, Gros Piton is the second-highest mountain in Saint Lucia.

You can scale to the top of the volcanic summit. The hike takes less than a day and will give you a spectacular view.

See Pigeon Island in St. Lucia – A National Landmark

Pigeon Island has something for every traveler. It’s a large islet in north St. Lucia. It was the home-base for pirates back in the 16th century before Fort Rodney was built.

It has breath taking views and is a “must see” for anyone traveling to the island.

The Saint Lucia Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens

No Caribbean Island vacation would be complete without seeing a tropical waterfall. The Diamond Falls Botanical Gardens has one of the best you will see anywhere.

Located in in Soufriere, Diamond Falls has a stunning rain forest and nature trails. You can explore the lush exotic plat life in virtually every color imaginable.

You can visit the sugar cane mill which was built in 1765. Much of the Waterwheel and Mill still use a lot of the old equipment and still works.

And so Much More on This Caribbean Island

Most tourist believe Anse Chastanet is the best beach. It’s perfect for diving and snorkeling and is very peaceful. But if you want more action, give Reduit Beach a try.

Marigot Bay in Saint Lucia is also a must see spot. It’s so beautiful, it is frequently the scene for many Hollywood films.


Saint Lucia is highly recommended destination and should be on anyone’s Caribbean Island bucket list.