Ultra Music Festival 2024 in Miami Florida – Get Ready to Jam Out!

Florida - Miami - Ultra Music Festival
Florida - Miami - Ultra Music Festival

The Ultra Music Festival goes down in Miami, Florida on the last weekend of March annually. This coming year it’s taking place from March 29 – 31.  What began as a little concert on the beach has grown into one of the largest music festivals in the country and attracting some of the most famous electronic music artists in the world. The celebration takes place on the shores of Biscayne Bay in Miami, Florida. So, let’s unpack the 2024 Ultra Music Festival in Miami – When, Where, & What. 

Ultra Music Festival – The History 

Ultra Music Festival, which is put on in glittering Downtown Miami, has evolved into a proving ground for DJs and producers. You’ll likely hear new songs from big-name singers performed live for the first time – ever. 

The very first Ultra Music Festival was presented on the shores of Miami Beach way back in 1999. It was the culmination of a series of electronic music events under tutelage of CEO, Chairman, and Executive Producer Russell Faibisch. 

 By the time 2019 rolled around, the waterfront venue was packed with more than 170,000 electronic music fans – a sold out crowd. And now, Ultra and Ultra Worldwide are two of the world’s most global music festival brands with iterations in over 100 countries. 

In the last 22 years, Ultra has put forth events in 26 cities and 29 countries. The festival has reportedly refined its aim in Miami for more than 20 years to draw the most diverse group of electronic talents.  

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The Ultra label was the first to offer a live stream version of the festival with Ultra Live. The initiative received more than two billion views on live stream and artist-uploaded sets since 2012. 

Florida - Miami - Ultra Music Festival

 Ultra Music Festival Timeline 

  • 1997 – Development – Russell Faibisch develops the Ultra Brand for live events in Miami, Florida 
  • 1999 – First Ultra Music Festival on the shore of Miami Beach 
  • 2018 – Ultra Worldwide announces buyout of Miami’s Winter Music Conference 
  • 2019 – Ultra Music Festival celebrates 21 years with concert from March 29 to 31, marking the occasion as the festival’s 21st anniversary. 


Ultra Music Festival Fun Facts 

  • Russell Faibisch and Alex Omes are the founders of the Ultra Music brand. They’ve been the brains behind the Ultra Music Festival with live events being the organizations bread and butter since its inception in Miami in 1997. 
  • Along with events in 26 cities and 29 countries, Ultra festivals have gone down on all six continents. They have put on concerts in Argentina; Australia; Brazil; Chile; China; Colombia; Croatia; India; Japan; Korea; Mexico; Singapore; South Africa; Taiwan and a score of other places.  
  • Ultra Music Festival is reserved for folks over 18 only.  

Ways to Enjoy Ultra Music Festival  

  • Attend the Festival – Obviously, the most ideal way to enjoy the festival is to attend in person – alone or with friends – to fully immerse yourself in the experience.  
  • Watch via Live stream – If you’re unable to attend the festival in person, you can always watch it via live stream. Host a party with friends and watch the event unfold in the comfort and convenience of your home. 
  • Use Public Transit – Parking and traffic near the festival can be daunting so it’s advisable to take public transportation as there is often a spike in pricing and trip shortages with ride share programs. 
  • Book a Nearby Hotel and hoof it to the festival. (See Best Family Resorts in Miami, Florida) 
  • Dress Accordingly – It’s an outdoor celebration. March temperatures can reach 81 degrees in Miami. So, wear light breathable clothing and sunscreen.  
  • Drink plenty of water – especially if you’re drinking alcohol.  
  • Download the Ultra App. It notifies you of any modifications to the schedule. 
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 What Makes Ultra Music Festival So Special? 

It’s Global  

 Since the festival’s first showing, Ultra has morphed into a global brand and even inspired similar festivals across Europe, Asia, and other parts of the world. However, Miami still continues to be central to it, attracting tens of thousands of people from throughout the world.  

It’s Music That Appeals to Everyone 

The festival celebrates electronic music in all its forms, appealing to all electronic music fans. With hundreds of performers in three days, everyone can hear just about every genre of electronic music.  

It Brings Electronic Music Lovers Together 

As a public event, the Ultra Music Festival brings music lovers together to celebrate their loved genre and share it with others. It gives music lovers the ability to share, connect, and express with fellow electro-heads. 

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