Minion Land – Explore Universal Studios’ Newest Attraction

Florida - Orlando - Universal Studios - Minion Land - Despicable Me
Florida - Orlando - Universal Studios - Minion Land - Despicable Me

Universal Studios’ Minion Land is opening to the public on Friday, August 11. Get ready to enter the world of Despicable Me and the Minions.

There is a lot to do at Universal Orlando’s theme parks, but this is the newest and most exciting to date. Before you book your reservations and head out to meet your favorite Minions, we’re going to tell you what you need to know before you go. So, let’s unpack Minion Land – Explore Universal Studios’ Newest Attraction. 

What is Minion Land? 

Minion Land is a Universal attraction that first began to take shape back in 2011, with Despicable Me Minion Mayhem, and has been a long time in the making. Minion Land is based on the Minion franchise from the film Despicable Me. It’s an interactive gaming attraction born of a partnership between Illumination and Universal. 

The newly opened area will expand on the already present Despicable Me Minion Mayhem attraction. The centerpiece attraction of the new Minion Land is Villain-Con Minion Blast. It uses a moving walkway to move you past scenes – there’s a lot going on – that you can shoot at. 

In Which Park Will Minion Land be Found?  

Minion Land will be located within Universal Studios main park. The entire Universal Complex is located at 6000 Universal Blvd in Orlando, Florida. 

Once you’re inside the park, look for Illumination Ave. You’ll find it towards the front of Universal Studios. 

Florida - Orlando - Universal Studios - Minion Land - Despicable Me

What New and Exciting Things Can Be Found at Minion Land? 

Though, of course, the rides are front and center, Minion Land will also offer dining experiences, a gift shop, and character meet-and-greet opportunities, with characters like the Minions, Gru, Edith, Agnes, and Margo, at the Illumination Theater. 

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All along Illumination Avenue you’ll discover new and exciting eateries like:   

  • Minion Cafe – a quick-service spot which will continue to immerse guests in the Minion World. It will feature noodle bowls, sandwiches and pizza. 
  • Freeze Ray Pops – will offer refreshing Popsicle inspired by iconic characters such as the Minions, Gru, and Vector – to name a few. 
  • Pop-a-Nana –will offer fruit-flavored popcorn. 
  • Bake My Day – Will boast Minion-inspired cookies, cupcakes, and marshmallow treats. 

What Will be the New Attraction?  

The new attraction everyone’s been waiting for at Minion Land, Villain-Con Minion Blast, will be a newly imagined shooting game that will purportedly blend and original storyline immersive sets, custom animation, and, of course, interactive gaming technology.  

Universal describes the game, writing on its website, “Join Illumination’s Minions, Belle Bottom, Jean Clawed, and the rest of the Vicious 6 at Villain-Con as you blast your way to supervillain stardom — Use your E-Liminator X blaster and test your skill in this fun, interactive attraction.” 

The ride system moves on a walkway – like a conveyor belt in an airport. The ride has no height requirement and so everyone in the family can enjoy it. The only suggestion is that anyone under 48 inches have supervision. 

What About the Villain-Con Gift Shop? 

We don’t want to forget about the Villain-Con Gift Shop. It’s already opened ahead of the Minion Land grand opening. The store will feature Minion and Villain-Con essentials, from apparel and souvenirs like pins, magnets, keychains, and more to toy blasters.  

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What Did the New Ride Replace? 

Many Universal fans have mourned the loss of Shrek 4-D. The attraction followed characters from the Shrek movie trying to stop Lord Farquaad from getting his hands on Princess Fiona. It remained open for nearly 20 years after opening in 2003.  

 The popular attraction boasted OgreVision via 3D glasses as well as other “4D” sensory effects. The attraction officially closed in 2020 to make way for the new Minions attraction. 

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