CG Gear Original Sand-Free Mat: Does This Beach Blanket Really Work?

CG Gear Original Sand-Free Mat

The CG Gear Original Sand-Free Mat is supposed to keep the sand away as you frolic on the beach. Sounds like something perfect for your next beach vacation. But should you get one before you travel to play in the sun?

Review of the CG Gear Original Sand-Free Mat

Our first impression of the the CG Gear Original Sand-Free Mat beach blanket was that it’s a tad bulky, but not bad. We tried the large sand-mat which was 10′ by 10′. The CG Gear blankets range in size from 6′ by 6′ all the way up to 12′ by 12′.

While you can purchase a travel bag separately, we used a mesh laundry bag. This helps you from taking more sand home from the beach when you travel.

Our first test was at a Florida beach on the Gulf coast. The mat spread out very easily. The mat worked as advertised. The white powdery sand just fell through the mat. Any sand that didn’t fall through was easily taken care of with just a quick brush of the and or giving the mat a little shake.

When the wind picked up we used a cooler and a chair to keep it in place. It comes with heavy duty D-rings on the corners, but we didn’t have stakes to stake the mat down, which would have been a better options. The slight wind actually helped the sand filter through the mat.

The CG Gear Sand-Free Blanket is Good but not Perfect

The CG Gear Original Sand-Free Mat was designed for the military. It’s sturdy and does it’s job, but there are a couple of minor drawbacks. Wet sand and course sand have a harder time falling through the mesh material. The wet sand can generally be brushed through the material. And luckily, most beaches that you would want to use a sand-free mat on have a fine grade of sand.

We picked up a little brush at the dollar store and it was perfect for sweeping the areas where sand would build up. You may be thinking… doesn’t sweeping sand defeat the purpose. Not at all. The brush would make the sand fall through the mat, and it was a lot better than trying to actually sweep sand off a standard blanket or tarp.

Because the material is a mesh, it’s a little course on the skin. However, a beach towel on top of the mat is a great combination if you plan to lay out on the beach. The mat keeps the sand off the towel and the towel makes everything comfortable.

It’s Worth it if Traveling to the Beach

In the end, the advantages out-weigh any drawbacks. After most trips to beach, our car winds up loaded with sand. Using the CG Gear Original Sand-Free Mat greatly reduced the amount of sand we left with. Plus, it made the family vacation at the beach much more enjoyable. The cost of the sand-free mat is a small price to pay for the extra level of comfort.