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Skip the Lines at Florida Orlando Airport – MCO Reserve

The airport has recently introduced a FREE program that may make your wait through security a briefer. Let’s talk about How to Skip the Lines at Orlando Airport. 

5 Secret Airline Extras You May Not Know About

There are still some hidden freebies and bonus when flying that few know about. Let’s unpack 5 Secret Airline Extras You May Not Know About. 

What is a Workation?

If you don't need to report to an office, then you can conceivably work anywhere. Look at these 3 types of workation

5 Sustainable Travel Trends for 2023

 Sustainable Travel Trends are becoming increasingly popular as the impact of climate change becomes more evident. In fact, in

How This Massive Sargassum Bloom Could Impact Your Florida Vacation

A massive "blob," or sargassum bloom, has grown in size and stands to engulf both of Florida's coasts. Thus, this bloom, twice the width

5 Best Places to Watch Rockets Launch on Florida’s Space Coast

If you're visiting Florida’s Space Coast and looking to see a rocket launch, there are several options. Let's unpack the best places to watch

5 Best Space Coast Beach Hotels

The best places to stay on the Space Coast Beach, Florida for a rocket launch. Before traveling here, it’s always good to know the

Travel Fraud Alert – FBI Warns of Cell Phone Hack

Do you charge your cell phone using public charging stations? You may want to rethink that, according to the FBI. 'Juice Jacking' is on the

Swimming with Manatees in Florida

If you are looking for where to swim with Manatees in Florida, we've got you covered. There are quite a few options if

Why Put a Crayon in your Wallet When You Travel?

Why put a crayon in your wallet when you travel? As a seasoned traveler, this travel hack trick blew my mind because it can so so much when