Disney World’s Animal Kingdom – Mistakes to Avoid

Florida - Orlando - Walt Disney World - Animal Kingdom
Florida - Orlando - Walt Disney World - Animal Kingdom

Are you planning a trip to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the first time? Many newcomers to Disney World Orlando often make some unfortunate mistakes that cause them to miss out on a lot of fun.  

A great deal of work goes into planning a trip to Disney World, so much so that the pressure to fulfill everything, many mistakes get made along the way. So, we’re unpacking Disney World’s Animal Kingdom – Mistakes to Avoid. 

Underestimating the Size of Disney’s Animal Kingdom 

This is a big mistake newcomers make when coming to Disney’s Animal Kingdom for the first time. This particular park has fewer rides and character interactions than the other Disney World parks.  

However, there is so much to explore anyone would have a difficult time doing in all in one visit – let alone 10. For comparison, Animal Kingdom is actually three times larger than Magic Kingdom. So, it goes without saying that it takes a much longer time, and more energy, to navigate from one attraction to another.  

Underrating Animal Kingdom’s Land of Pandora 

It may seem easy to assume that Pandora is insignificant or just for Avatar fans. However, that’s also a rookie mistake.  

Firstly, Pandora is a masterpiece of Imagineering. Once you discover it, you’ll soon realize why so many keep returning to Disney World. As you enter into this otherworldly creation it’s like you’ve stepped into another world. Here you can actually ride a Banshee or carry one on your shoulder.  


As for rides, Flight of Passage is like an upgraded version of EPCOT’s Soarin’. It’s best to arrive at Pandora as soon as Animal Kingdom opens. Fight of Passage lines can get long quickly and it’s best to enjoy it first. It’s a very captivating experience.  

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Not Expecting to Get Wet at Disney’s Animal Kingdom 

Most of Disney’s parks are packed with structures and buildings you can duck into in the event of a rainstorm. But Animal Kingdom is much more open and sprawling. 

Again, though, as it is with almost any theme park, rain is not the only means by which you can get soaked. One of the Animal Kingdom rides in particular – Kali River Rapids – is sure to get you at least a little wet. But to be fair, we’ve seen people leave to ride drenched.  

So, bring a poncho and don quick drying clothing. Walking around in Florida climate with wet jeans will not likely be pleasant and can also leave you with blisters.  

Not Taking Time to Enjoy the Whole Animal Kingdom Experience 

Disney’s Animal Kingdom is a large park with a lot of open space. Still, it can feel like you’ve got to rush to do everything on your list. Try to take the time to enjoy the little things.  

Walk around the Tree of Life or ride a boat Rafiki’s Planet Watch. Most importantly, take notice and use those little detours from the main path.  

Not Having Plans for After the Park Closes 

Animal Kingdom tends to close earlier than the other Disney Parks. Of course, you’ll stay at Animal Kingdom as long as you can – Pandora at night is worth the wait.  

Unfortunately, though, Animal Kingdom closes early and gets rented out the most for corporate events. So, your day at the park could end as 7 PM or it could end as early as 5 PM.  

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With a long day of walking, this may not seem like such a bad thing, but you’re not likely to want your day to end just yet. However, you still want to make plans for a good sit down dinner at one of the Disney resorts like Oga’s Cantina at Walt Disney World Resort or stop at Disney Springs for a bite.  

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