Universal Orlando Hollywood Horror Nights (2023) – Know Before You Go

Florida - Orlando - Universal Studios - Hollywood Horror Nights
Florida - Orlando - Universal Studios - Hollywood Horror Nights

Universal Studios in Orlando Florida has had its hands in the horror movie genre for nearly a hundred years beginning with scary characters like Dracula, Wolf Man, and the Invisible Man. 

These famous monsters have been a regular attraction at Universal Orlando Resort since the park’s opening in 1990. They’ve appeared in numerous park attractions such as the Horror Make-Up Show and, of course, the Revenge of the Mummy roller coaster. 

So, naturally, Universal Orlando is ideally equipped to put on a grand fearfest. So, let’s look at Know Before You Go – Universal Orlando’s Hollywood Horror Nights (2023). 

When Does Universal Orlando’s  Halloween Horror Nights Begin?   

Halloween Horror Nights will, for its 32nd year, stretch from 48 nights from September 1 through to November 4. The event will open every night save for Monday and Tuesday nights.  

Of course, an exception to that rule will be Halloween Night itself which happens to fall on a Tuesday. Halloween Horror Nights starts at 6:30 PM and goes on until 2 AM. 

Florida - Orlando - Universal Studios - Hollywood Horror Nights

10 Haunted Houses! 

Halloween Horror Nights (2023) will feature 10 haunted houses scattered about the park. You’ll be able to locate them via the Universal Orlando app’s map. They will be filled with scary stuff from Universal and pop culture horror favorites.  

In June of this year, Universal let the cat out of the proverbial back on one of their haunted houses. The house will be centered on the critically acclaimed video game and TV series “The Last of Us.” 

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Set in the post-apocalyptic world of the story, it follows Joel and Ellie as they navigate a world overtaken by a virus that’s turning humans into zombies.As you explore locations taken from the game expect to encounter runners, stalkers, and clickers in this scary spot.  

Universal has also announced a new haunted house that will feature a Hawkins, Indiana theme from the fourth season of Stranger Things. It will feature scenes from the Hawkins Lab, the Creel House, and Vecna’s blood-red Mind Lair. Universal will be making more announcements as the holiday event gets closer.  

5 Scare Zones 

Universal Studios creates several outdoor scare zones scattered around the park. This year, there will be five of them. You will be hard-pressed to get around the park without running into them. Scare actors will roam the zones waiting to freak out unsuspecting victims. 

Expect creepy spooks to follow closely behind you or rev chainsaws at just the right time to make you jump. Though each scare zone has its own theme, none of them have been announced yet. 

What’s the Ticket Price for Halloween Horror Nights? 

Single-night tickets to Halloween Horror Nights (2023) will run you $79.99 a person. Note that these tickets won’t get you into the daytime part of Universal Orlando. Tickets may include a six-month subscription to the Peacock streaming service to catch up with some of your favorite horror flicks ahead of the event. 

If you have a daytime annual pass for Universal, the park usually offers small “Stay & Scream” areas so you can stick around and get a bite to eat while the park sets the stage for the night’s events. The park also provides “Scream Early” tickets you can buy to enter the park as early as 3 PM to enjoy the daytime rides.  

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The park also sells package deals if you’d like to enjoy the park both day and night. These packages feature hotel accommodations, park tickets, and, of course, Hollywood Horror Nights admission. Hotel guests can use their key cards to gain access to a dedicated event entrance.  

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