Things to Do in Gulf Breeze, Florida on the Emerald Coast

Gulf Breeze - Florida - Emerald Coast
Gulf Breeze - Florida - Emerald Coast

Gulf Breeze, Florida on the Emerald Coast is a city in Santa Rosa County, Florida. It’s a suburb of Pensacola and within the Pensacola Metropolitan Area.

So, there is an endless list of things to do within very short distances of Gulf Breeze.  Read on and we’ll unpack a few Things to do in Gulf Breeze, Florida on the Emerald Coast.

Fort Pickens in Gulf Breeze, Florida

The Fort Pickens area is one of the more popular stops in Gulf Breeze and surrounding areas. It was built in the Civil War Era, and named after American Revolutionary War hero, Andrew Pickens. Also, the fort is located on Santa Rosa Island in the Pensacola, Florida, area.

The area has many activities and facilities available to patrons. There are historic sites like Fort Pickens, Battery Cooper, and Battery Worth scattered about the area. And each location bears an interesting historical significance.

Fort Pickens Campground offers tent and RV camping. And several parking lots along that road. Each lot has beach access.

Visitors will find the entrance to Fort Pickens Park Store on the right side of the large entrance of Fort Pickens. And visitors can shop for a wide range of books, clothing, replica archival items, educational games, posters, and other items available for retail sale.

The Gulf Breeze Zoo

Another top-rated attraction for both locals and visitors to the Florida Panhandle is the Gulf Breeze Zoo. The 50 acres of land that is the widely popular zoo are located in Woodlawn Beach, Florida, near Gulf Breeze.

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Gulf Breeze Zoo cares for over 900 exotic animals including rhinos, hippos, Western lowland gorillas, and orangutans. Also, the zoo provides an African Preserve train ride from which visitors get to see these creatures at a safe distance (for the animals).

Pensacola Lighthouse & Maritime Museum

Another popular destination on the Emerald Coast is the Pensacola Lighthouse & Maritime Museum. Pensacola is the oldest European settlement in mainland America, founded in 1559. Enjoy a day at the beach or travel to this historical site.

There’s a lighthouse built in 1823, and the floating light vessel Aurora Borealis served as the lighthouse until the tower was finished.

Gulf Breeze - Florida - Emerald Coast - Pensacola

10 years following the completion of the tower, builders erected the Keeper’s Quarters at the Pensacola Light Station in 1869. So, visitors can tour the facility and get a feel for the historical value of the place.

Also, they will enjoy the National Aviation Museum at Naval Air Station, Pensacola where the lighthouse stands. The aviation museum is rich in history and dreams of action. Visitors marvel at the restored aircraft, genuine archives, and unique experiences at the museum.

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