What to Pack for a Universal Orlando Vacation

Orlando - Florida - Universal Studios - Packing - Backpack
Orlando - Florida - Universal Studios - Packing - Backpack

Packing for a Universal Orlando vacation can give even the most proficient parent a headache. Sometimes you pack too much, or you otherwise forget something critical. Making matters worse, you’re likely planning for several days at the park and will assuredly run into some rain owing to Central Florida’s temperamental weather.  

Add to that, Universal Orland is probably not the only spot on your itinerary. Among others, Universal’s resort hotels and Universal CityWalk are probably making your list of things to do while in Orlando. Worry not. We’ve put together a piece on What to Pack for a Universal Orlando Vacation. 

What Pack for Universal Orlando: The Essentials 

Below we list essentials that you’ll need no matter what your itinerary says.  

  • Cell Phone Charger goes in your carry-on bag, assuming you are flying.  
  • Several outfits for different occasions – think dress for parks, swimsuits for water activities, and dressier options for a night out. 
  • Printed Copies of travel confirmations – in case of a technology fail. 
  • SunscreenSunscreenSunscreen Sunscreen, aloe gel, hats, sunglasses, lip balm, etc. 
  • Disposable dishes (plastic silverware, paper plates, etc.) 
  • If you have a youngster on board – outside of the obvious diapers, wipes, etc. – a compact stroller. 

Orlando - Florida - Universal Studios - Packing - Backpack

What to Bring to Universal’s Theme Parks 

  • Small Bag or FannyPack – Large backpacks can be cumbersome, and they just add to your overall haul so be sure to bring a FannyPack for the long days ahead. 
  • A Refillable Water Bottle – Hydration is paramount for a good theme park vacay in the Summer. 
  • Sun Protection – This includes sun protective clothing, aloe gel, hats, sunglasses, lip balm, etc. 
  • Rain Gear – Not only does it often rain without notice in Central Florida, many of Universal Orlando’s rides, such as those in Universal Islands of Adventure, are going to get you wet. Bring waterproof bags or plastic zip bags to carry your gear to keep it dry. 
  • Travel Snacks – Yes. You can bring food into Universal Orlando so bring some energy snacks such as Cliff Bars to keep the fam going.  
  • Stroller or Wheelchair – if you have kids or need a wheelchair you can bring your own and save. But you can also rent them at the park. 
  • Essential Medication – Never forget to pack your prescriptions or medications. Also notable, you can visit health services in the park to store them.  
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Travel Recommendations and Extras for a Universal Orlando Vacay 

  • Check the Orlando Accuweather forecast and bring an umbrella or poncho for surprise showers. 
  • An extra carry-on suitcase for the inevitable souvenirs. This one from Swissgear is perfect. 
  • Purchase an entertainment pack for the youngsters such as KeepEmQuiet or build your own.  
  • Throw in a few fun outfits like matching family Dr. Seuss Thing shirts you can find at Universal Orlando’s online store. 
  • Portable Phone Charger – your battery will inevitably drain from the many vacation photos and you’re going to need a charge.  
  • Pack a Good Camara to capture all these memories! Also, be sure to bring an extra memory card.  

Stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations. If you are going to Disney World, we have a great guide for packing HERE.

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