5 Tips for Your First Visit to Orlando, Florida

Florida - Orlando - First Time - Must See - Bucket List
Florida - Orlando - First Time - Must See - Bucket List

Orlando is a favored travel destination for people all over the world. The city boasts a vast variety of entertainment choices like Universal Studios Florida, Disney’s Magic Kingdom, and EPCOT to name a few. 

With more things to do that you could shake a stick at, knowing a few tips before you start out can help make your trip here run more smoothly.  So, let’s unpack 5 Tips for First Time Travelers to Orlando, Florida. 

#1 Buy Your Tickets Ahead of Time 

To get the best deal possible, be sure you pick up your theme park tickets ahead of time. With seven major theme parks represented in Orlando, there are naturally going to be various pricing packages.  

Both Disney and Universal offer discounts on their websites for either buying tickets in advance and/or bundling several days together. The idea is, the more days you pack into your vacation, the more you save on each individual day.  

#2 Take Advantage of Fast Pass 

You can skip the long lines at some theme parks by using a special pass. Walt Disney World offers a Fast Pass+ that allows you to pick up to three attractions at no charge. You can get these passes up to 30 days before you head to Orlando.  

Universal Studios similarly offers an Express Pass for an extra fee. This pass offers unlimited access to most of the park’s attractions. Also, while at the park, look for single-rider lines that split groups to fill seats – it cuts wait time, often dramatically.  

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#3 Use the Free Shuttles to and from Orlando Theme Parks 

Free shuttles are available to and from parks connected to many resorts and hotels. If you want to avoid the hassle of renting a car, consider this mode of transportation. Reservations for the shuttle are usually made 24 hours ahead of time as they fill quickly. 

#4 Stay Central to Everything on International Drive 

Choose a hotel or resort on International Drive and it will set you in the middle of all the fun. Known as the tourist center of Orlando, Florida all the luxury resorts on International Drive are within walking distance of a myriad of attractions, trendy restaurants, and bars. These include famous spots like Pirate’s Dinner Adventure and Madame Tussauds Orlando. 

Florida - Orlando - First Time - Must See - Bucket List

#5 Don’t Forget Kennedy Space Center – Orlando

It’s easy to use up all your time at one of Orlando’s many theme parks. But, if you’re traveling all the way here, be sure and take a day to visit the Kennedy Space Center. Private shuttles also travel here on a regular basis.  

The center is open year-round, and the launch complex and US Astronaut Hall of Fame are open to the public, regardless of whether a rocket is launched on a given day. It’s located 45 minutes from Orlando and costs around $50 per person.  

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