What is Club 33 Disney World

What Is Club 33 Disney World

Disney Club 33 is one of the most unique experiences you will find at the park. Club 33 is the most exclusive club Disney World has to offer.

Most Disney Visitors have not heard about Club 33. Most who have, do not fully understand it. So, what is Club 33? While it’s not a fast ride, it is very exciting.

What is Club 33 at Disney World?

Club 33 is a private club where only the most exclusive guests can become members.

Members have special access to enter hidden private dining and lounge areas throughout the Disney Parks, where they will have unique experiences and receive top-notch service.

Club 33 was created by Walt Disney to have a private place in the parks to meet up with high-profile clients and have exclusive meetings at Disneyland.

The club is named after the original address of the first Club 33 location in Disneyland, 33 Royal Street in New Orleans Square.

The perks of Becoming a Member of Disney World’s Club 33?

There are numerous benefits of becoming a member of Club 33. They have access to exclusive locations in each park, along with many other benefits.

Club 33 Disney

There is a hefty price tag to become a member, but some of the perks of membership include:

  1. Exclusive access to Club 33 lounges and restaurants
  2. Annual Park Passes
  3. 50 single-day admission tickets
  4. Five private VIP tours per year
  5. Exclusive merchandise
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Where is Club 33 In each park?

Each Walt Disney World Theme Park has a Club 33 location hidden in the park. These locations are all hidden away, and you must use your Magic Band or Park Ticket to enter each area.

Here is where you will find each Club 33 location in each park:

  • Magic Kingdom

Captain’s Quarters is Magic Kingdoms Club 33 location, and you can find this in the same building as Skippers Canteen and Sunshine Tree Terrace in Adventureland.


In EPCOT’s America Adventure Pavilion, you will find Constellation Club, Club 33’s EPCOT location.

  • Hollywood Studios

Spotlight Lounge is Hollywood Studios Club 33 location. You will find Spotlight Lounge in a hidden door in the same building as Brown Derby.

  • Animal Kingdom

Harambe House is the Club 33 location at Animal Kingdom. You will find Harambe House along the pathway between Pandora and Africa.

How do I join?

There is a high price tag with becoming a member of the exclusive Club.

For Walt Disney World, members will pay $33,000 upfront to become a member, then more than $10,000 per year to maintain their membership.

Even if you have the money to join the Club, it does not guarantee you will get in.

There is a waiting list that can be years long to join the Club because they only allow so many members, and some years they do not allow new members at all.

In most cases, you must know someone already in the club to join.

If you are interested in becoming a member of Club 33 at Walt Disney World, you send an email to Club 33 expressing your interest.

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The email address is [email protected]. They will then evaluate you, and if you are able to become a member, Club 33 will contact you and give you further instructions on becoming a member.


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