Things to do in St. Andrews Park of Panama City, Florida

St. Andrews State Park - Panama City - Florida
St. Andrews State Park - Panama City - Florida

St. Andrews State Park in Panama City, Florida boasts two sides. One side of the park faces the Gulf of Mexico while the other side faces the Atlantic Ocean. So, the availability of swimming, snorkeling, or surfing is sure to satisfy visitors. 

St. Andrews boasts a mile-and-a-half of pristine beaches for fishing and swimming. But it also allows visitors to hike through pines and along dunes and coastal plant communities while staying overnight at its campgrounds. Let’s unpack some things to do in St. Andrews Park in Panama City, Florida 

Enjoy the White Sandy Beach  

The beach at St. Andrews Park is a first stop for most visitors – naturally. The first thing they notice is that the beach is not nearly as crowded as other beaches in Panama City Beach. The water is incredibly clear with an emerald green hue.  

So, you’ll likely stop first on arriving inside the park, where you can find access to the beach and the fishing pier. If you chose to do nothing else but romp on the beach at St. Andrews State Park, you’ll leave with a smile as these beaches are peaceful, clean, and relatively quiet owing to the reduced traffic. 

St. Andrews State Park - Panama City - Florida

Take a Hike at St. Andrews State Park 

The Hiking trails at St. Andrews Park provide the perfect chance to get your exercise while taking in all the gorgeous scenery around you. Two half-mile trails are in the park: Heron Pond Trail and Gator Lake Trail. 

Be sure and carry a camera. Because, as the names seem to suggest, you’re going to possibly see some wildlife. A Huron Pond Trail you’ll enjoy panoramic views of Grand Lagoon.  

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As you take in the roaring surf and the sand between your toes, you’ll probably wonder why Gator Lake Trail is so named. However, you’ll find out soon enough when you reach the bottom of the sand dune. 

Boating at St. Andrews Park 

Being surrounded by a beach and to both the east and west, it’s not a huge surprise that St. Andrews has a boat launch. But it also has a boat rental service. 

And since Shell Island is part of the park, taking a trip over to the island is considered part and parcel of a visit to Panama City. You can use a shuttle or your own boat, or you can rent a boat in order to get there.  

And don’t forget to rent snorkeling gear before you board, the swimming areas are great places to snorkel and see some ocean life.  Be sure and stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations in Florida.

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