Skip the Lines at Florida Orlando Airport – MCO Reserve

Florida - Orlando - Airline - MCO Reserve - TSA Lines
Florida - Orlando - Airline - MCO Reserve - TSA Lines

If you’re traveling to or from Disney World in Florida, you’ll likely find yourself passing through Florida’s Orlando International Airport (MCO). Unfortunately, however, flying in or out of MCO could mean having to navigate incredibly long security lines. Let’s look at MCO Reserve.

Worry not! The airport has recently introduced a FREE program that may make your wait through security a briefer. Let’s talk about How to Skip the Lines at Orlando Airport.

What is MCO Reserve at Florida Orlando Airport? 

Well, MCO Reserve is the program we’re talking about, and it is entirely gratis. MCO Reserve allows you to pre-register for a specific timeslot to pass through security.  

What this does when you arrive at the airport is it sends you to an exclusive, much shorter, MCO Reserve security line. Though hours were previously limited to from 5 AM to 11 AM, they have since been updated.   

What Flight times are Eligible for MCO Reserve? 

MCO Reserve can now be accessed from 5:00 AM to 5:00 PM. Flights are eligible if their departures are between 6:30 AM to 8:30 PM. 

You can reserve your spot at security 72 hours before your flight. It’s suggested that you get it as soon as you can because those spots will certainly be limited and are likely to be filled quickly.  

How to Apply for MCO Reserve – How It Works 

MCO Reserve is easy to apply for. Powered by CLEAR, all you need to do is go to the website, enter your flight details, and the number of passengers in your group, and find a time to go through security that works for you. 

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From there, just input your information. You’ll receive your confirmation email with a QR code. When you approach the Reserve Lane at the airport, scan your QR code and just breeze on through the fast line with no hassle.   

There are other methods for skipping the long security lines at Orlando International Airport. However, they typically include pay services like TSA PreCheck, thus this offers a great free alternative if you’re flying out of MCO. 

Florida - Orlando - Airline - MCO Reserve - TSA Lines

What’s the Cost if You Opt Out of MCO Reserve in Florida? 

It’s worth noting that the alternative to MCO Reserve, TSA Precheck, costs $78 for 5 years. And then, to renew, it costs an additional $70. In order to apply for TSA Precheck, you must go to their website and submit an application.  

Legitimate registration can begin at or be accomplished at Also notable, there are apparently imposter sites, so TSA recommends that you ensure the site you’re registering on ends in .gov. 

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