Best Times to Go to Universal Studios Orlando 

Florida - Universal Studios Orlando - Best Time to go
Florida - Universal Studios Orlando - Best Time to go

Are you planning a trip to Universal Studios in Orlando, Florida and want to know the best time to do it? Picking the best time to travel to Universal Orlando can be easy.

That time could be affected by your family or work schedules, heat tolerance, or holiday preferences – such as Halloween Horror Nights. So, let’s discuss the Best Times to Go to Universal Studios Orlando. 

When is the Best Time of Year to Visit Universal Studios Orlando? 

Based on the factors involved, such as ticket pricing, crowds, events, and weather, the overall best time of year to go to Universal Studios Orlando would be after Labor Day – from September through to mid-October. Below is a breakdown of those factors. 

Ticket Pricing  

The first factor is based on a one-day, one-park ticket sans discounts or add-ons. For a more in-depth look check out our article on the overall cost of the Universal Orlando vacation.  

Between September and October is when the ticket prices are lowest. However, there are weekdays when tickets are available in Universal Studio’s lowest tier.  

Crowd Calendar 

Rising ticket prices are often concurrent with rising crowd levels. So, when prices are low, crowds are often low too. Universal and Disney both arrange their prices like this – surge pricing – to encourage people to visit more during slower times. 

Crowds dwindle following Labor Day and carry on through mid-October. This is due to the fact that most children have returned to school by the end of Labor Day weekend. Locals and annual pass holders keep crowds slightly elevated on weekends. Peak season is from May to August. 

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Florida - Universal Studios Orlando - Best Time to go

Halloween Horror Nights and Other Special Events 

September through October is a fun time to visit Universal. That’s due in large part to Halloween Horror Nights, which is by far Universal Studios’ most popular event of the year.  

It’s held on select nights throughout September and October from around 6 PM to 2 AM – usually on the weekends. However, visiting when the event is held on weeknights is best because crowds are down. 

Good Times to Visit

  • January – February: This is historically the least crowded time of the year to visit Universal Studios Orlando. Though crowds increase on holiday weekends like Martin Luther King Jr. Day – the third Monday in January, and President’s Day – the third Monday in February. Otherwise, this is an ideal time to visit the park. 
  • End of April to Mid-May: The days leading up to Memorial Day are another good time to visit the park. Low attendance will allow you to enjoy the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, or rides like the VelociCoaster at Jurassic World and Rip, Ride, and Rockit with short wait times. 

Best Month to Visit Universal Orlando 

Overall, October is the best month to visit Universal Studios Orlando. Specifically, the weekdays within the first two weeks of the month are ideal as crowds are typically low. However, the closer to Halloween it gets, the crowns increase. 

Weekends in the month of October can get busy as locals and annual pass holders visit for Halloween Horror Nights on their days off. Still, if you stick to weekdays in October – you’ll be in for a pleasant experience.  

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Best Season to Visit Universal Studios 

The best season to visit Universal Orlando – hands down – is winter. Theme parks are magical during the winter months. With holidays throughout the season, the parks are filled with festive events.  

With exciting experiences such as the Yule Ball at Hogsmeade, Who-ville’s Grinchmas at Seuss Landing, and Universal’s holiday parade featuring balloons from Macy’s Thanksgiving Day Parade, you can hardly go wrong. Here are the best times in Winter:   

  • Early November to a week before Thanksgiving 
  • The week after Thanksgiving to the week before Christmas 
  • January through the third week of February 

The least-crowded days of the week at Universal are Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday, especially throughout the school year.  The lowest-priced month? Current ticket pricing shows 14 days throughout September when you can buy tickets at Universal’s lowest pricing tier of $109 for a one-day, one-park ticket. 

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