Avoid These 7 Top Mistakes on Your Florida Vacation

Florida - Vacation - Mistakes
Florida - Vacation - Mistakes

The state of Florida has a long history as a popular vacation spot. But we’d be willing to bet, you might not know the Sunshine State as well as you thought you did.

Let’s unpack the 7 Top mistakes to avoid when vacationing in Florida.

#1 Spending Too Much or Too Little Time at the Beach

Florida undoubtedly has some of the world’s most sought-after beaches. But failing to move beyond the beach to discover what else the state has to offer tends to be a major mistake visitors make.

The state is teeming with wildlife in the Everglades, state parks, and even an underwater national park. At the same time, The Sunshine State boasts great museums, festivals, and other unique experiences.

However, if your Florida vacation itinerary skips some beach time, you’re cheating yourself. After all, beaches are one of the state’s chief attractions, and for good reason. Get some sand and sun, but don’t forget to venture further.

#2 Underestimating Florida’s Sunny Weather – Don’t Skip Sunscreen!

Obviously, with a name like The Sunshine State, many travelers flock to Florida to catch some rays. But a few make some mistakes.

One is underestimating the power of a Florida sun. With its subtropical location, the sun can be brutal and in a short time. Sunscreen is a must.

By the same token, many expect that the weather is always perfect for the beach in Florida. It’s not. Winters in Northern Florida can get fairly chilly and, in summer, you can count on a thunderstorm almost daily. So, hope for sunny days, but prepare for anything.

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#3 Not Accounting for Hurricane Season

Florida is so much fun for vacation. But visitors frequently forget to account for something else The Sunshine State is known for – hurricane season. Most Florida natives are prepared for hurricanes having weather such storms often.

Hurricane Season - Florida

But for most visitors to Florida, hurricanes are not in the plans. It’s imperative that you keep hurricane season in mind as you plan your Florida vacation.

The season lasts from June through November. Peak hurricane season typically occurs from mid-August to late October. Though is no guarantee you’ll encounter one – it’s best to be prepared and look out.

#4 Not Asking for Fresh Fish

Florida is known for having some incredible food and the freshest fish is at the top of that list. But don’t make the mistake of thinking that because it’s Florida, and they’re selling fish, that the fish is fresh or locally sourced.

If you can’t confirm that the fish was sourced from the nearby Gulf or the Atlantic Ocean – take a pass. Don’t ruin your vacation by eating fish that isn’t locally sourced and fresh.

#5 Missing Florida’s Wilderness

Don’t miss out on the expansive wilderness. Check out Silver Springs State Park, the birthplace of the glass-bottom boat tour, or tube down the river in Rainbow Springs State Park or dive or snorkel in Devil’s Den, to start. Don’t let your trip pass without seeing some of Florida’s wilderness.

#6 Disrespecting the Wildlife

As with any place, you never want to interfere with wildlife. Florida has some beautiful places and rich fauna. But even something as seemingly innocuous as feeding seagulls at the beach can negatively impact the state’s delicate ecosystem.

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Be sure and stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations in Florida.

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