5 Sustainable Travel Trends for 2023

Sustainable travel trends
Sustainable travel trends

 Sustainable Travel Trends are becoming increasingly popular as the impact of climate change becomes more evident. In fact, in 2022, a study from YouGov found that 53% of those polled said they would be looking for sustainable travel in the future.  

As a result, sustainable travel is trending at much greater levels than in the past. The hope is that these travel trends, combined with other sustainable endeavors, will help to preserve the planet for generations to come.

Let’s discuss 5 Sustainable Travel Trends for 2023.  

#1 Ecologically Sound Accommodations

As younger, more ecologically aware travelers begin to set out, they are increasingly looking for more ways to reduce their environmental footprint.  A 2022 study by Expedia Group found that 60% of American travelers sought out hotels that follow sustainable practices at least once over the last two years.  

What this means is that more sustainable options are becoming available. For example, Eco lodges. Eco lodges, often located in natural areas, rely on renewable energy sources, such as solar power. They use sustainable building materials and are often involved in conservation and community development efforts. 

Another popular sustainable practice is glamping. Glamping is a portmanteau that combines glamour (luxury) and camping. Glamping is often in the form of tents or yurts (Mongolian tents) which are often equipped with comfortable beds, electricity, and even private bathrooms. 

Sustainable travel trends

#2 Sustainable Travel Means Sustainable Transportation

As anyone who has heard a Tesla humming down the road can attest, ecologically sustainable transportation is on the rise. But, beyond electric cars, more and more people are riding bikes and even walking to reduce their environmental footprint.  

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Many travelers are starting to choose destinations that can be reached via bike or foot. This further reduces their footprint while still offering more active ways to experience a new place.  

#3 Environmentally Sound Wildlife Tourism

Saving the environment is not simply about recycling or burning fewer fossil fuels. If we are to make the planet livable for future generations, we also have to protect wildlife and ensure the health of its ecosystems.  

According to the global non-profit World Animal Protection, “Elephant rides, tiger selfies, walks with lions, monkey shows, swimming with dolphins – each ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ opportunity for a tourist means a lifetime of suffering for animals.”  If you wish to learn how you can make an impact here, check out this guide by Animal Defenders International.  

#4 Vegan Hotels?

Yes. You read that right. In some places, the desire to protect the environment rises to the level of the hotel industry. Climate Nexus.org reports that “Air and water pollution can be directly attributed to the livestock sector, which is the largest contributor to global water pollution.” 

Add to that, that livestock is also one of the leading drivers of global deforestation, and choosing to stay in a vegan hotel doesn’t really seem like such a bad idea, even for a meat eater.

While choosing a vacation destination, you might want to check out the vegan-friendly Grand Velas in Riviera Nayarit. The Velas partnered with popular vegan chef Miguel Bautista to add vegan menus to its three restaurants and room service.  

#5 Reducing Single-Use Plastics

An important element on any list of sustainable trends will always and forever be reducing single-use plastics. It’s worth noting that the travel industry is and has always been a major contributor to global plastic waste. Single-use plastic items such as straws, cups, and bags are often used and discarded. 

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Plastic can often take hundreds of years to degrade in the environment. So, reducing single-use plastics and promoting environmentally friendly products has now become paramount in the travel industry.

Do your part in finding the best ways in which to too can make an impact and reduce your environmental footprint.  Be sure and stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations in Florida.

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