Where to Buy a Vacation Home in Florida

Florida - Vacation Home
Florida - Vacation Home

The State of Florida boasts over 13,500 miles of beautiful coastline. Its white sandy beaches and emerald waters enjoy sunshine as well as a temperate climate most of the year. 

So, it’s not surprising that Florida’s real estate market is among the best-performing in the country. Since the pandemic saw many begin to work from home, the Sunshine State has got the attention of many as the perfect place to own a vacation home.  

But where in Florida would you go? No worries. Let’s unpack Where to Buy a Vacation Home in Florida. 

Where it’s Best to Buy a Vacation Home in Florida 

There are a lot of places from which to choose for buying a home in Florida but below we’ll provide you with a short list of some of the best. (Median Listing Prices are from March 2023.) 

Florida - Vacation Home

How to Buy a Vacation Home in Florida 

Once you’ve decided exactly where you want to buy a vacation home in Florida, you’ll need to know how to go about acquiring it. There are several things to consider but we’ll get you started with this shortlist.  

  • Get Financing – Firstly, you’ll need financing. You can do this with a home equity loan. It will carry lower interest rates, be easier to qualify for, and vary based on market conditions. However, it does put your personal residence at risk if something goes wrong. You’ll need to do some research to find the best route for you.  
  • Get Vacation Home Insurance – Specific types of home insurance will be required depending on where you choose to buy your vacation home. For example, flood insurance might be required at beach or river homes. Again, you’ll need to research this. 
  • Know the HOA Fees and Restrictions – As with any home purchase, if there is a homeowner’s association, you’ll want to know the fees and restrictions that will apply to your home. Again, you’ll need to do some research.  
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Where to Rent a Vacation Home in Florida 

Of course, there are many different factors to consider when trying to answer this question. What your preferences are are key as well as what you can afford. If you want to rent a home and get the biggest bang for your buck, check out Florida Rental By Owners. 

They can help you find the right rental for your needs and at an affordable rate and is likely to be negotiable. Be sure and stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations in Florida. 

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