5 Best Places to Surf in Florida

Surf - Surfing - Florida
Surf - Surfing - Florida

The State of Florida has some of the best beaches in the world and that includes some of the best places to surf. The waters are pristine, and the coastal towns are cheerful and colorful.

Many pro surfers and greenhorns flock to Floridian beaches to surf, take lessons or compete. But where are the best surf spots? Let’s unpack the 5 Best Places to Surf in Florida.   

Surf - Surfing - Florida

#1 New Smyrna Beach  

New Smyrna Beach is a 13-mile stretch of beach along Florida’s Atlantic Coast, and it’s got some rad breaks. You can carry your board to the beach or just load up your Woody with your boards on top and drive right out onto the shore. 

New Smyrna’s waves are considered to be some of the most consistent in the state. That also makes it one of Florida’s most popular surfing destinations. You can pick up lessons at Quiet Flight NSB or Gnarley Charley’s Surf Series. 

#2 St. Augustine 

Located on Florida’s east coast, St. Augustine is known as America’s oldest city. It’s also known to have one of the oldest surf scenes in the country. While the waves aren’t always huge, the town attracts a lot of surfers. In fact, St. Augustine has one of the most close-knit communities of surfers. 

Both The Surf Station and the St. Augustine Surf School provide surf lessons and rentals. In fact, the Surf School will even deliver boards right to your door. 

#3 Jacksonville Beach 

Jacksonville Beach is a popular spot for surfers with good reason. At Hanna Park you can find good breaks, clean showers, and camping. Notable breaks are found at Officer’s Club and Lighthouse. But Mayport Poles is the spot for surf on a northeast swell. That’s just the tip of the iceberg here though.  

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Since 1976, Sunrise Surf Shop taking care of North Florida surfers and skaters alike. Be sure to hit them up for anything you need while visiting. 

#4 Pensacola Beach 

Located in the Florida Panhandle, Pensacola Beach is a bit unpredictable. They typically see between 150 and 200 choppy days in a year, mostly in the winter and early spring. 

However, since most of the surf comes from strong southeast winds, the waves come in at an angle and provide some lengthy rides. For gear and a lesson, Innerlight Surf and Skate is a board sports lover’s mecca with four locations across the Florida panhandle. 

#5 South Pointe on South Beach 

South Beach is one of the best-known beaches in Miami, Florida. As such, it’s also one of the state’s hotspots for surfing. South Pointe Park reportedly has some of the strongest waves and also some decent fishing. 

As such a popular spot for both surfers and tourists, South Beach is probably one of the more crowded destinations in the state.

Located on N Ocean Blvd. in Boynton Beach, Florida, Nomad Surf Shop is where you want to stop for lessons, gear, and rentals. Be sure and stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations in Florida. 

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