5 Set-Jetting Florida Cities to Visit in 2023

Set-Jetting - Florida
Set-Jetting - Florida

What is Set-Jetting, you say? Ever watch a movie or television show and wonder where it was filmed? Maybe you saw a particular location and decided you wanted to take a trip there.

This is what is driving a new trend in tourism. Call it set-jetting – basically, it’s an old trend that is coming back around – film tourism.

Many movies you see and television shows you watch are filmed on location in sunny Florida, for obvious reasons. Let’s look at 5 Set-Jetting Florida Cities to Visit in 2023.

#1 Miami

Miami, Florida has always been a place for iconic scenes in movies and television. There are hundreds of films that have been featured in the historic vacation spot. It was called the Sun Bay Apartments when the famous chainsaw scene for “Scarface” was filmed there in 1983. 728 Ocean Dr. in South Beach, Miami has gone through some changes over the years.

The back part of the building was recently demolished.  It is now a CVS pharmacy. However, the façade and its iconic porthole windows, like the backdrop for the “Scarface” chainsaw scene, have been preserved. Controversy over the film’s preponderance of violence forced the film’s director to move the production 2700 to Los Angeles.

Another iconic location is Fontainebleau Miami Beach. This was the place where a small but important part was filmed in 1992’s “The Bodyguard” starring Whitney Houston and Kevin Costner.

#2 Kennedy Space Station

Who could forget the Kennedy Space Center located on Merrit Island in Brevard County, Florida? Often included in both film and television, Merritt Island is actually a peninsula but is commonly referred to as an island.
The location has seen at least 70 movies filmed there including the iconic James Bond film, “Moonraker” (1974) and more recently, “Apollo 13” (1993) and “Armageddon” (1996). Being the location of Nasa and one of their many launch sites for space travel, the location easily works as a filming spot for countless space-related films.

#3 Orlando

And what about Orlando – the home of the famous Hard Rock Hotel – Universal Orlando Resort? “Bring it On: In It to Win It” was shot at the resort and several attractions were featured. The Hard Rock Hotel, combined with parts of Universal’s Portofino Bay Resort, served as the backdrop for where the cheer squads stayed during the film.
Set-Jetting - Florida

#4 Tallahassee

Tallahassee, Florida was the filming spot for numerous iconic flicks – such as “Creature From the Black Lagoon” (1954) and “Tarzan” featuring Johnny Weissmuller. Many were shot at the beautiful Wakulla Springs, Florida just south of Tallahassee. The 11-foot-long alligator which Weissmuller famously wrestled in the “Tarzan” movies, “Old Joe” still sits there in a glass case preserved for future generations to see.
Fans of the movie “Something Wild” might be interested in knowing that the house of Charlie (Jeff Daniels) is located in Tallahassee, Florida. Some may remember the restaurant scene in the film with Ray Liotta, Jeff Daniels, and Melanie Griffith’s characters sitting down for a late dinner. The restaurant, Mom & Dad’s Italian Restaurant, is still in operation at 3421 Bannerman Rd in Tallahassee.

#5 Tampa / St. Petersburg

Another famous city for Set-Jetting locations is Tampa, Florida. You may recall such top-notch movies that were filmed there such as “GoodFellas.” You may remember the “Let’s feed him to the lions” scene shot at the Tampa Zoo.
Another memorable flick is “Magic Mike.” It stars Channing Tatum and Mathew McConaughey. In the movie, Club Xquisite, where the “Kings of Tampa” ply their trade under the strict eye of Dallas (Matthew McConaughey), is a convergence of two separate locations.
However, the exterior is Wilson’s Bar which was located at 3030 4th Street North in St Petersburg. however, according to the Tampa Bay Times, it closed down in 2020.
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