What is a Workation?


What is a Workation?

The word “workation” is a portmanteau (a word blending the sounds and combining the meanings of two others) for work and vacation. This may seem quite puzzling to anyone who has experienced either work or vacation.

However, after the pandemic hit, the world began changing – especially the working world. With the flexibility that remote working brought to bare, a new concept began to take root — the workation.

A workation is like a lisness — say what? Also a portmanteau, a lisness is a combination of leisure and business which goes a long way to describing the life of a remote worker.  Continue reading and we’ll unpack this for you.

Workation Duration

Essentially, a workation is a vacation workstation for the remote worker. If you don’t need to report to an office, then you can conceivably work anywhere. There are basically three “types” of workation based on how long you are planning to work or vacation.

For example, a short-term workation would be like taking a weekend at the beach with your laptop and say — grading school papers, or writing a proposal. Being short in duration, there are many places you can enjoy such lisness.

See how we did that? Take a drive and spend the day watching TV with your mother while you work on your business project, or walk down to the park with the dogs and make business calls.

Or, you might need a couple of weeks to unwind and so take a medium workation and spend a couple of weeks down on Panama City Beach unwinding. These types of vacations are still generally within the country you live in.

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With a long-term workation, you’re basically spending a summer in your second home in Canada or perhaps Ireland – all the while still attached to and working for your job.

Workation Destination

There are a number of places that you could go to enjoy your workation. If short or medium-term is your limit, then as I said earlier, places like Panama City Beach, Florida with an average cost for a seven-day trip at $1,800 for a solo traveler (Champion Traveler).

For longer and perhaps more expensive getaways, choose exotic destinations like Chiang Mai, Thailand which has an overall cost of living of around $1,361 a month for one person according to Nomad List. They reportedly have decent internet capabilities there too. Here you can enjoy Thousand-year-old temples and quiet pagoda gardens with modern hotel amenities.


Workation Accommodations

You’ll want to be sure that wherever you take your workation has adequate accommodation such as internet speed, workation-minded staff. Below is a short list of a couple of excellent destinations that keep their workation guests in mind.

  • Tui Blue Oceanis Beach in Psalidi, Kos, South Aegean Islands, Greece features a peaceful garden setting with a sea-view pool. Vacation comes with a Hotel rep and 24/7 Online service, meaning an English-speaking TUI rep will visit your hotel, and info and support are available 24/7 via the TUI app. Princes run about $207 – $319 according to Trip Advisor. (Based on Average Rates for a Standard Room)
  • The Brazilian Court Hotel – Palm Beach, Florida is just steps from a beautiful white sandy beach. It features a  “Key to Paradise” package for long-term stays for those who aim to make it a temporary home. Enjoy private beachfront cabanas, spa discounts, and complimentary valet parking for one vehicle. Prices are around $1200 a night according to Trip Advisor. 
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