7 Things to Do Before Leaving on Your Vacation

Vacation - Travel - Plan - Checklist
Vacation - Travel - Plan - Checklist

Vacations are when we relax and release the stress of our year but there are things you should plan to do before leaving your home for vacation. Nothing can ruin a vacation quicker than realizing you forgot to do some important things.  

There are a few things you can do to prevent a lot of delays and headaches both on your vacation and after you return. We’ve made a helpful short list. So, let’s unpack 7 Things to Do Before Leaving on Your Vacation. Afterward, Check out 7 Tips for Travel Planning (Here).

#1 Tidy Up 

If you’ve ever taken a several hour flight home from your vacation only to return to a mess you forgot to clean before leaving? This is the reason this is at the top of the list.

Nothing ruins the vacation bliss faster than returning home to a pile of clutter or dirty dishes. Clean the dishes if there are any. Or simply tidy up before walking out the door. This will ensure that you return from your vacation to a peaceful home. 

#2 Pay the Bills 

One of the worse ways to ruin that post-vacation bliss is coming home to overdue bills. Pay them for the month ahead of time. It’ll be one less worry that might invade your vacation time and one less stressor haunting you on your return home. 

#3 Make Copies 

As every traveler knows. Things happen. The first step in protecting yourself should be to make a photocopy of your driver’s license and passport. 

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 Keep one locked away at home and one with you in your hotel room. You never know when you might lose your ID or get it stolen. Making copies will prevent a major headache on your return trip.  

#4 Packing Checklist – Pack Early 

It’s always good to start your vacation with a packing checklist. Think of what it feels like to go to the grocery store sans a list. You always spend more than you wanted or otherwise forget much of what you planned on getting.  

So, make a list of everything you want to bring and pack the bags ahead of time. This way you’re not frantically running about right before you leave trying to remember everything. 

Vacation - Travel - Plan - Checklist

#5 Get a Full Night’s Sleep  

Traveling can be tiring and stressful. It’s always a good bet to get a good night’s sleep before you depart for your vacation. This will ensure that you start off with a clear head and you arrive at your destination ready to have fun.  

#6 Plan Your Trip Ahead of Time 

Just like making a packing list, planning your trip will ensure that your vacation goes smoothly without unnecessary glitches. This will ensure that, when you begin your vacation, you’re not wasting your time trying to decide what to do. 

#7 Inform Your Bank or Credit Card Company You’re Traveling 

A lot of banks and credit card companies want to be notified if you’re leaving the state or otherwise traveling abroad. This will help you to avoid having to deal with a locked account preventing you from accessing funds on your vacation.  

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A simple and quick telephone call can save your vacation from a huge headache. Before traveling to Florida, be sure and check out What to Pack for a Florida Vacation. Stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations.

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