Top 5 Wineries and Wine Tasting Spots in St. Augustine, Florida

St. Augustine - Wine - Winery - Florida
St. Augustine - Wine - Winery - Florida

Founded in 1565, St. Augustine Florida is considered to be the oldest city in the United States. And though it is rich in history it’s also got some incredible food, nightlife, and wineries.

It’s fitting that St. Augustine, otherwise known as Augustine of Hippo is the Patron Saint of Brewers. Because the town named after him has a long history with spirits. Let’s reveal the Top 5 Winery and Wine Tasting Spots in St. Augustine, Florida.

#1 Carrera Wine Cellar in St. Augustine, Florida

Located on San Marco Ave, in St. Augustine, Florida Carrera Wine Cellar is a wine geek’s paradise. They offer wine tastings, bottles, classes, or just the opportunity to enjoy a delicious glass of vino in a groovy, laid-back atmosphere.

This immersive wine experience is one you won’t forget. Wrap up the experience with one of the Cellar’s souvenirs to seal the deal 

#2 The Drunken Horse

Located on Charlotte Street, The Drunken Horse is an inviting French restaurant serving starters, mains, brunch, charcuterie, and spirits. Before you sit down for a bit, take a seat at the Drunken Horse Bar and check out their expansive wine collection.

This French restaurant that originated in New York City is known for its charcuterie boards as well as its wine list. With reds, whites, rosés, ports, and sparkling wines, The Drunken Horse is a wine lover’s heaven.

#3 Casa de Vino 57

On Treasury St., Casa de Vino is another warm and charming wine bar that also boasts cheese and charcuterie. On its website, Casa de Vino calls on customers to “enjoy a bottle of wine, cheese, and charcuterie.” They speak of “music nestled in a secluded courtyard in the heart of downtown St. Augustine.”

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But what makes this place so special, we think, is that the courtyard, where the music plays in the back, is one of the most gorgeous and timeless gems in historic downtown.

St. Augustine - Wine - Winery - Florida

#4 Gifted Cork & Gourmet

Located on lovely Hypolita St., Gifted Cork & Gourmet is also part of St. Augustine’s historic district. Thus your experience here will also be warm and nostalgic.

They offer a “variety and a unique selection of gifts, wines, and cheeses while maintaining competitive prices.” Gifted Cork also boasts over 500 different wine labels representing a wide range of varieties and countries.

#5 San Sebastian Winery

Located on King St., San Sebastian Winery is a festive one featuring wine tastings, tours of the facility, as well as a gift shop. This winey isn’t your typical winery.

They educate visitors by not only demonstrating the process of wine making but teaching Florida’s history with wine.  The tour begins with a video unpacking some San Sebastian history.

But what really stands apart is the rooftop bar that serves up wine, twenty different beers, appetizers, and live music on weekend evenings. It offers some incredible views of downtown Historic St. Augustine.

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