Top 5 Animal Attractions in Panama City Beach 

Panama City Beach - Florida - Animal
Panama City Beach - Florida - Animal

The panhandle of Florida is filled with parks, beaches, and attractions, so it can be difficult to know which ones your family will appreciate the most – Let’s suss out the Top 5 Animal Attractions in Panama City Beach. 

There are countless parks and hundreds of beach access points, so you should have no trouble stumbling onto one of those. But we know something that will surely leave the kids grinning – critters.

#1 Gulf World

Gulf World is a marine park located at 15412 Front Beach Rd in Panama City Beach. This exciting park opens every day, rain or shine, and it offers the ideal opportunity for your family to get in the water and swim with bottle nose dolphins. Everyone will love this animal attraction.

The park is also home to a wider variety of animals such as California sea lions, harbor seals, penguins, tropical birds, stingrays, and African penguins. The cost of this experience is reasonable at $29 + tax for adults, $26 + tax for seniors 55 and older, and just $23 + tax for youngsters ages 5 – 11.  

#2 Zoo World at Panama City Beach

Zoo World is another incredible experience you can bring your whole family to enjoy. They’re located at 9008 Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach, and they offer a wide range of activities and adventures to choose from.  

Each adventure costs a flat $45 per person, and each is unique and special. In the Australian Adventure, you’ll get to hold kangaroos or feed baby bearded dragons. Or you might enjoy the Sloth Experience where you can see and pet the adorable sloth.

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Or your kids can get up close and personal with baby alligators with the Alligator experience. With all adventures, children under 7 must be accompanied by an adult. 

Animal Attraction - Zoo - Marine Park - Florida - Panhandle

#3 Bear Creek Feline Sanctuary 

The Bear Creek Feline Sanctuary isn’t just a tourist attraction. The sanctuary provides a home to displaced Bobcats, Florida Panthers, African Servals, Jaguarundi, and Siberian Lynx. Located at 8822 Tracy Way in Panama City, FL, they offer educational tours and internships only by appointment.  

Panama City Beach - Florida - Animal - Panther

The park requests a $50 donation, although it is expected, and they only take groups of 8 – 10 people. However, reviewers say it is an incredible experience being part of feeding and caring for these majestic animals.  

#4 Seacrest Wolf Preserve

The Seacrest Wolf Preserve could be one of the most exciting experiences your family may ever have. It offers an unforgettable, educational experience where visitors encounter wolves. During this immersive experience, your family will come face to face with the Seacrest Wolf Ambassadors. You’ll learn important scientific information about this amazing species.

Located at 3449 Bonnett Pond Rd in Chipley, FL they offer private group tours for $50 but by reservation only. There are Saturday group tours for $35 per person.

Two-hour private tours are a bit more pricey at $250 (plus tax) per person for the first 2 people (2 people or $500 required minimum). Each additional person after the first 2 is $150 (plus tax). 

#5 Dolphin Cruises & Swimming with Dolphins Experience in Panama City Beach

There are a couple of other experiences your family won’t want to miss while visiting the Florida Panhandle. Get on board with Paradise Adventures located at 4114 Jan Cooley Dr, Panama City Beach, FL, and take a nice, quiet, trip along the coast of Panama City Beach and Shell Island. You’ll depart from the docks of Bluegreen’s Bayside Resort & Spa.

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The cruise provides a complimentary beer, wine, or nonalcoholic beverage. On this ride, you’ll sail along the Gulf of Mexico looking for dolphins while listening to relaxing music.

Prices for the tour range from $25-$30 for adults, $15-$20 for children 12 and under, and $10-$15 for infants 2 and under.
if you and your family just want to swim with the dolphins, Panama City Beach offers that too.

Visit Gulf World by Dolphin Discovery located at  15412 Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach, FL in the Gulf World Marine Park. 

General admission to Gulf World is $35.64 but you can swim with the dolphins for $258.12 for adults over 4.6 ft and $214.92 for kids between 3.3 – 4.6 ft. Be sure and stay up to speed on all the animal attractions and sweet destinations in Florida.

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