Tennessee Attractions Ranked Among the Best in the US

Tennessee - Attractions - Nashville - Grande Ole Opry - Bell Buckle - Cades Cove - Museum - Peninsula 
Tennessee - Attractions - Nashville - Grande Ole Opry - Bell Buckle - Cades Cove - Museum - Peninsula 

If you’re looking to vacation in the south this year but are not sure where Tennessee has some news for you. The state actually has some attractions that have been ranked top in the US this year.  

Locals and experts from the state have named five attractions in Tennessee as some of the top places to visit in the US this year. So, let’s unpack the Tennessee Attractions Ranked Among the Best in the US. 

#1 Town of Bell Buckle 

Sitting just south of Nashville, the Town of Bell Buckle is a railroad village of preserved and restored Victorian homes and churches. It sits among the beautiful rolling hills, farmland and walking horse country of Bedford County, Tennessee.

Established in 1852, this historic town has become known for its quilts, country music, and home cooking. Within the town, you’ll also discover some of that down-home Southern hospitality native to Tennessee.

Jerry Hunt, PR Director for Bell Buckle Chamber of Commerce, described the town as a “quaint, small town.” He added that Bell Buckle was “elated to be included” in the list of top places to visit.  

#2 Grand Ole Opry 

Of course, no “best of” list for Tennessee would be complete without the Grand Ole Opry. The Grand Ole Opry is an American weekly country radio broadcast that began in 1925 as a one-hour radio “barn dance.” 

The popular broadcast is made from the Opry House in Nashville, Tennessee. So, it’s a spectacular venue to experience concerts, theatricals, and special events in the middle of Music City. When you come here, you can expect to see some famous faces in country music.   

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#3 Cades Cove 

Cades Cove is a scenic drive that winds 11 miles through the Great Smoky Mountains National Park. Settled by Europeans in 1818 and 1821,  Cades Cove contains some of the land’s most historic buildings. It also boasts some diverse wildlife and beautiful scenic hiking trails. 

Tennessee - Attractions - Nashville - Grande Ole Opry - Bell Buckle - Cades Cove - Museum - Peninsula 

#4 Tennessee State Museum 

The Tennessee State Museum made the list as a unique way to learn about history through the lens of those who’ve made Tennessee what it is. The free museum, also located in Nashville is a great place to learn about what was happening in Tennessee during the period between 1700-1800. 

The current iteration of the museum, built in 2018, sits at the corner of Rosa Parks Boulevard and Jefferson Street at the foot of Capitol Hill by the Bicentennial Capitol Mall State Park. 

#5 Peninsula 

Peninsula is a restaurant located in the Eastland part of Nashville, Tennessee. And you know that this has to be a stellar place to eat if it made this list. They serve up the cuisine of the Iberian Peninsula in old-world surroundings.  

The menu boasts a wide range of bold flavors that are inspired by Spain, Portugal, and France.  Peninsula’s hours are from Thursday through Saturday from 5 PM to 10 PM. Be sure to check out one or two of these delightful spots while traveling through Tennessee. 

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