Nashville Mural Tour – Street Art that Amazes in Music City

Tennessee - Nashville - Street Art - Murals
Tennessee - Nashville - Street Art - Murals

Ready to take a mural tour of Nashville’s amazing street art? It may surprise some to know that Music City isn’t just about music. Nashville, Tennessee also has some incredible artists. Each month new murals are popping up throughout the city.  

But there are some predominant ones that are all the rage for visitors to the city. We’ve worked out some of the more popular ones and organized them by neighborhood so they can fit neatly into your itinerary. 

Tour On Your Own or Take a Guided Tour of Nashville 

Music City is relatively small and there’s not a lot of heavy traffic, so it’s easy to get around and see many unique neighborhoods in one day. This makes it easy to plan your own self-guided tour with ease. But, on the other hand, if you prefer to take a tour, we’ve gathered a few for you to choose from.  

Music Murals & Mimosas Tour is a fun tour that carries you through Nashville to explore Nashville’s most famous murals. On the tour, there are plenty of chances to stop and take some snaps to post on Instagram.  

You’ll cover many murals, but the ultimate number is dictated by the amount of time you stay at each mural. Of course, you’ll need to show identification and be 21 to take this tour. Cups and ice are provided  

Street Art and Instagram Golf Cart Tour can be booked at and will help you capture Music City via Instagram-worthy photos of the city’s popular murals. Explore these famous urban art murals with a great guide via a golf cart. 

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And now, without further ado, here are some of Nashville’s best murals.  

12 South 

Draper James Wall

Located at 2608 12th Ave S on the side of the Draper James store, the blue and white Draper James wall makes the ideal backdrop for some Instagram pics. It’s relatively easy to get a quick snapshot here. 

Tennessee - Nashville - Street Art - Murals

I Believe In Nashville  

There are several I Believe in Nashville murals scattered about the city so they’re easy to find. But the easiest is likely to be one on in 12 South located at 2702 12th Ave S. It sits across the street from the Draper James window and white and blue wall so you can snap all three at once. 

Looking Pretty Music City 

Another great mural in 12 South, Looking Pretty Music City, is located on the side of the Madewell store on Dallas Ave. 12 South is a great spot to browse the shops, and stop for coffee or lunch so you’ll get plenty of chances to snap photos along the way if you decide to tour on your own. 

Tennessee - Nashville - Street Art - Murals


Kindness Is and Harmony

Germantown is a popular area with plenty of small shops, restaurants, and cafes. The Kindness Is and Harmony murals are beside one another by The Kind Way. They’re easy to find on 4th Avenue North.  

Tennessee - Nashville - Street Art - Murals

Tennessee - Nashville - Street Art - Murals

Hillsboro/ Belmont 

Drawbertson Drippy Lips

Drawbertson Drippy Lips Mural is located at 1814 21st Ave S. The popular mural by Donald Drawbertson on any tour of Nashville and while you’re there you can grab some grub at lunch at The Greenery Co. or Fido. You can find other Hillsboro area murals of note including the Molly Green mural by Tarabella Aversa.  

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Tennessee - Nashville - Street Art - Murals

East Nashville 

Dolly Parton

The Dolly Parton mural by Kim Radford is a wonderful mural located at 1006 Forrest Avenue in East Nashville. After stopping here, head over to the hot air balloon and bear outing murals which are also in East Nashville.  

Tennessee - Nashville - Street Art - Murals

Notably, we’ve barely scratched the surface of the murals you can see however, this should keep you busy for a while. Stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations.

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