Nashville, Tennessee – It’s Not Just About Country Music. 

Nashville - Tennessee - Music
Nashville - Tennessee - Music

Nashville, Tennessee is one of the most musically talented cities in the nation, if not the world. After all, it’s not called the “Music City” for nothing.  

And though the city seems mostly recognized for the country music genre – there’s so much more to it than just country. Nashville is home to a lively music scene that includes gifted artists of all musical genres. So, let’s check out Nashville, Tennessee – It’s Not Just About Country Music. 

Nashville – Not Merely Country 

Nashville, Tennessee is home to a thriving music scene that spans genres, including rock, R&B, jazz, and gospel. Artists of all genres perform, record, and live here. So, it’s no wonder Nashville is known as Music City for music fans from around the world. 

Other than country, the list of genres you’ll find here is extensive.  

  • Bluegrass 
  • Jazz 
  • Classical 
  • Blues 
  • Southern Gospel 
  • Rock 
  • Contemporary Christian 

Nashville - Tennessee - Music

Nashville – It’s Great Food Too! 

Though the city is obviously stuck with the music label and for good reason – there is so much more to do and experience in Nashville and the music just makes it all the better. It’s also home to some super popular restaurants like Lockeland Table, Etch, and Husk, to name a few.  

If fine dining is your bag, visit City House with James Beard Award-winner chef Tandy Wilson or Yolan, home to Michelin-star chef Tony Mantuano. 

And hey, if you’re lucky, you’ll catch sight of country music legend Dolly Parton, or rock legend Steven Tyler while you’re dining. After all, they live here and – everybody’s gotta eat! 

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NashVegas – Also Home to Non-Musical Things Like Arts & Culture 

Nashville may be given the name Music City – and for good cause. But there is a plenitude of things to see and do in a town like Nashville. With an array of unique events, cultural attractions, and plenty of sports teams that call Nashville home, you’ll never run out of fun and entertaining things to do here. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re traveling here on business, taking a family vacation, or making a romantic excursion, there are memories to be made in a city like Nashville. Visit the Frist Art Museum, world-renowned for its Art Deco architecture and art exhibits.  

Check out some local artists at one of Nashville’s many festivals, like East Nashville’s Tomato Art Fest or Porter Flea, which takes place in summer and winter. Or take a famous Nashville mural tour and snap some photos in front of the city’s most well-known murals. 

So, when you plan a trip to Nashville, come for the music, and stay a little longer for the food, art, and culture. Stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations.

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