Panama City Beach: Best Gluten Free Pizza in PCB Florida


Panama City Beach has plenty of pizza spots, but good gluten free pizza can be hard to find. Sure, you can opt for the standard takeout options – Domino’s Pizza, Papa John’s Pizza, or Pizza Hut – all of whom offer gluten friendly pizza. But let’s be real – those aren’t great options.

Instead, when traveling and looking for the best gluten free pizza in Panama City Beach, look for a local place – not a big national chain. And there’s no place more fun to go eat in PCB than Pier Park. As someone with a gluten-allergy, I’ve tried all sorts of GF pizza – with mixed results. Eating Gluten Free on vacation is hard.

Best Gluten Free Pizza in Panama City Beach

For my taste buds, the best gluten free pizza in Panama City Beach is at Great White Pizza. And from what my non-GF family says (and tons of reviews), Great White Pizza is the best in PCB period. There’s a whole list of reasons to love this Pier Park pizza joint. Let’s run through them.

Panama City Beach - Great White Pizza - Florida

#1 Location – Pier Park is fun with a variety of eateries to choose from. If you want pizza and the kids want hot dogs, there’s a Nathan’s right next door. So lots of options if people in your group do not eat gluten free.

#2 Speed – Pizzas cook super fast – it takes just four minutes once you place your order. And the line (if there is one) moves pretty fast too.

#3 Price – Dinner in Panama City Beach can be pricey but Great White Pizza is a low-cost evening out with a cheese going for $7 and gluten free cheese for $10.

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#4 Other Eats – They also have calzone, flat bread sandwich, or salad if your family is not in the mood for a slice.

#5 Kid’s Menu – If you’re traveling with kids, you can get a little pizza or chicken nuggets.

Panama City Beach: What’s Great About Great White Pizza’s Gluten Friendly Pizza?

One of the worst things about gluten free pizza in Panama City Beach (or anywhere) is texture. Funky flour can taste gritty in your mouth. Other GF pizzas are overly thin, crunchy, and tough. Still others come out mushy in the middle. Often, eating gluten free pizza can feel like you’re eating something that’s like pizza, but not quite.

Panama City Beach: Gluten Free Pizza - Pier Park - Florida

Great White Pizza in Panama City Beach doesn’t suffer any of these problems. It’s got a lovely texture, a thin crust that’s not overly crunchy (and definitely not too soft), and an excellent flavor. My litmus test for GF pizza is getting my husband to take a bite and rate it. He gave the Great White slice a thumbs up – “tastes like real pizza.”

Back home, I get my GF pizza at MOD Pizza, but to date, there isn’t a MOD Pizza in Panama City Beach. So for now, the best gluten friendly pizza in Panama City Beach is Great White Pizza at Pier Park. They have both a standard GF crust and also a cauliflower. Full disclosure – I don’t care for cauliflower and didn’t sample that one…

One More Nice Thing About Great White Pizza – Gluten Free Dessert in PCB

It’s not only hard to find good gluten friendly pizza – but it’s near to impossible to find gluten free dessert while out to eat. And Great White has both. You can also snag gluten free chocolate chip cookies at the pizza joint. So, you can have a great salad, pizza, and a sweet treat for a well-rounded meal.

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Where at Pier Park?

You can find Great White Pizza at 801 S. Pier Park Drive towards the west part of Panama City Beach. It’s at the end of the first building in Pier Park off Front Beach Road just past Smoothie King and Nathan’s Famous. You can park right behind it if you turn right at Ron Jon Surf Shop and head to the back lot.

Great White Pizza
801 S Pier Park Drive
Panama City Beach, FL 32413


Other Gluten Free Pizza Places

There are other gluten friendly pizza parlors in PCB. The following are all good and if you poll 100 people, they would probably be equally split as to which one is the best.

Paparazzi Gourmet Deli

You can get a gluten free pizza at Paparazzi Gourmet Deli at 2810 Thomas Drive, Panama City Beach, FL 32408.  While their toppings are excellent (better than Great White), I personally prefer Great White’s crust.

But, one thing that Paparazzi’s has is a great gluten free peanut butter cheesecake.

Shore Shack Pizza

Close to Paparazzi’s is Shore Shack Pizza at 4900 Thomas Dr, Panama City Beach, FL 32408 has GF pizza that is really good.

Bricks & Barley Pizza

Close to Pineapple Willies – Bricks & Barley Pizza is at 8721 Thomas Dr Suite A, Panama City Beach, FL 32408. It’s right in the middle of Panama City Beach.

And, if pizza isn’t your thing… try eating a gluten free hamburger.