5 Fun Things to do In Miami, Florida When It Rains

Miami - Florida - Rain - Activities
Miami - Florida - Rain - Activities

Miami, Florida is a premium destination for sun, fun, and beach as its climate is near perfect most of the year. However, every destination will have its share of surprise storms and showers. It’s a good idea to have a list of alternative attraction activities in the event that you are rained in on your vacation. So, let’s unpack 5 Fun Things to do In Miami When It Rains. 

#1 Go-karting 

For indoor fun that includes the whole family, go-karting is supreme. There are many tracks in Miami from which to choose and several of them are indoors. Below are three to get you started. 

#2 Learn a New Game at Miami Jai-Alai 

At Miami Jai-Alai you can learn about and experience a fast-paced game that is fairly obscure but lots of fun. The game is extra exciting as the ball sometimes reaches speeds nearing 180 mph when thrown from handheld cane slings. 

Located at NW 37th Ave, the arena for the sport is located inside the Casino Miami so the sport is always on, rain or shine. If you’re feeling lucky, you can even place bets on the game. Hours are from midnight to 11:59 PM daily.  

Miami - Florida - Rain - Activities

#3 Take in Some Rock Climbing 

When it’s raining, if you want excitement while simultaneously getting plenty of exercise rock climbing is where it’s at. There are many Miami locations for rock climbing indoors.  

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On colorful manmade climbing walls, you can test your strength and read new heights – literally. Below is a selection of great indoor spots to choose from.  

#4 Arcade Odyssey 

Arcade Odyssey is the perfect place to go on a rainy day. The lights, sound, and atmosphere will quickly blot out the gloominess a rainy day can bring.  

Located on SW 117th Ave this bright friendly place features a satisfying mix of retro classics and new additions. Hours are Monday–Thursday from noon to 10 PM, Friday–Saturday from noon to midnight, and Sunday from noon to 8 PM. 

#5 Bowling 

Not only is bowling a timeless pastime, it’s also a great idea for a fun thing to do when its raining. Miami is full of great bowling alleys to keep your game sharp on a rainy day. Below we list a few: 

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