Forts and Historic Sites Near Pensacola, Florida

Pensacola - Florida - Historic - Forts
Pensacola - Florida - Historic - Forts

Historic forts and sites have been built around Pensacola, Florida for centuries. Since Tristán de Luna of Spain first attempted to settle the area, in 1570, many locations have witnessed history unfold. 

Let’s look at some of the forts and historic sites near Pensacola Florida. 

Fort Pickens 

Fort Pickens is a historic pentagonal fort on Santa Rosa Island near Pensacola, Florida. Named after American Revolutionary War hero Andrew Pickens the site features historic structures like Fort Pickens, Battery Cooper, and Battery Worth peppering the area.  

Located on Fort Pickens Rd, this fort isn’t just a place to learn history, tent, and RV camping are available at the site’s campground. Also, several parking lots past the entrance offer beach access.  

Pensacola - Florida - Historic - Forts

Pensacola Lighthouse & Maritime Museum 

The Pensacola Lighthouse & Maritime Museum is situated on Pensacola Bay. It’s the third iteration of what originally began as a lightship named Aurora Borealis. The lighthouse’s history dates back to 1559 when the Spaniards first settled the Pensacola area.  

Pensacola is the oldest European settlement in mainland America. So, the lighthouse has been a guide to scores of people throughout the centuries. Used as a museum since 1995, the lighthouse boasts an ever-evolving array of exhibits. 

Historic Pensacola 

Historic Pensacola is located on South Jefferson Street in Pensacola Florida. Here the city of Pensacola has recreated the town as it once was when it was first settled. Historic Pensacola is spread over 8 1/2 acres and has 30 properties. Only 12 of those properties are open to the public. 

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Within the site are examples of a range of architectural styles including Mediterranean Revival, Renaissance Revival, Greek Revival, and more.  Also, set among the pine forests of Santa Rosa County, Florida Arcadia Mill will take you through 200 years of history. 

Emanuel Point Shipwreck 

The Emanuel Point Shipwreck Site is located off Emanuel Point, near Pensacola in Escambia County, Florida. Archeologists later identified the galleon as San Juan. It was part of the fleet that transported conquistador Tristan de Luna and his army to La Florida in 1559.  

The Emanuel Point Shipwreck was discovered in 1992 by the Florida Bureau of Archaeological Research. Archeologists later excavated the site between 1993 and 1996 under the direction of Dr. Roger Smith. 

The Belmont-DeVilliers District 

Sometimes known as West Hill or “the Blocks,” the Belmont-DeVilliers District is a historic neighborhood in Pensacola. Belmont-DeVilliers is historically understood to be a center of Pensacola’s African-American community as a result of Florida’s “Jim Crow Era” laws.  

Occupying about 35 city blocks or roughly 100 acres, this little part of Pensacola holds a rich and often sad part of Florida history. Stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations in Florida.

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