Disney World Orlando – A 2023 Christmas Guide 

Florida - Orlando - Disney - Christmas

Disney World Orlando has long been the preferred destination during Christmas and 2023 is no different. Not only is the park immaculately decorated, but the parks are also packed with seasonal events, holiday-inspired treats, and fun attractions. 

We adore Christmas at Walt Disney World, and we think you will do. So, let’s discuss Disney World Orlando – A 2023 Christmas Guide. 

When Does Christmas Fun Begin at Disney World Orlando? 

 Officially, the 2023 Christmas season gets underway at Disney World Orlando, on November 11. That’s when the décor goes up but it’s not actually when the fun begins. That happens earlier at Disney’s Magic Kingdom on November 9 with Mickey’s Very Merry Christmas Party.  

 And, though this is the “official” start to the holidays, it’s worth noting that the decorations will not be complete at that time. While at Magic Kingdom, Hollywood Studios, and Animal Kingdom the decorations are expected to be up, Epcot doesn’t officially start their Festival of Holidays until November 24 and so they’ll be decorating well into November.  

Best Time to Visit Disney World at Christmas 

In order to outline the best time to visit Disney World at Christmas, we must first tell you about the busiest time. Obviously, the period between Christmas and New Year’s Day is the busiest time of the year at Disney World.  

This is historically when the parks end up closing after reaching capacity. But, in recent years the Park Pass Reservation System has prevented that. The best time to catch the beautiful Christmas decorations is within the first two weeks of December. Then you can expect fewer crowds and relatively decent weather. 

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Of course, you can also find similar conditions in the week prior to Thanksgiving. For that, check out Disney World Orlando for Thanksgiving (2023). Also, remember that the best time to visit the parks for fewer crowds – and this is year-round – is going to be on the weekdays.  

The Disney holidays are popular with locals and that makes all the weekends between November and the beginning of January super busy. Remember, even with crowds, this is still the most memorable time to visit Disney World – well worth the trip. 

Florida - Orlando - Disney - Christmas

How About the Christmas Weather at Disney World? 

The winter weather at Disney World can run the gamut from fairly hot to quite chilly. But, on average, temps run about 77°F for a high in November and 73°F for a high in December.  

For lows you can expect about 61°F in November and then around 55°F in December. Rain chances are low in November and December but when it does rain, it lasts a while so, you’ll want to prepare for that. Be sure and have a look at our Disney World Orlando – What to Pack for Winter Months article (Here).   

Tips and Tricks for Disney World Orlando at Christmas  

Tips and tricks are always a good weapon to carry in your arsenal when taking a Disney vacay. We’ve collected a few for you. 

  • Make a Plan but be flexible – you can check out any of our information articles like Disney Genie and Lighting Lane Replace FastPass – How to Get the Shortest Wait Times at WDW Orlando, to ensure that your touring plan will be effective. Also, download the Touring Plans app to sharpen the angles.  
  • Get to the parks early – the parks open early during the holiday season – often as early as 7 AM. This gives you a chance to ride all your favorite rides without having to wait in long queues in the midday heat. 
  • If possible, get a room in one of Disney’s resorts. They come with perks like more time at the parks, great dining, and gratis transportation to and from the parks.  
  • Check Out the holiday décor outside the parks too. If it’s in the heat of the day and crowds are growing, head over to the resorts and check out their decorations and take a dip in the pool. You can also visit Disney Springs for some shopping. 
  • Don’t waste a warm day without checking out one of Disney’s two water parks. You can read about them by reading Get the Most from Your Trip to Disney’s Typhoon Lagoon. 
  • Refine your plans and be flexible. You want to enjoy your vacation at Disney World Orlando, but you can hardly do that if you are trying to do EVERYTHING. So, try to curb your enthusiasm and you’ll have an amazing time. 
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