Disney World Orlando – What to Pack for Winter Months 

Florida - Orlando - Disney World - Winter
Florida - Orlando - Disney World - Winter

Headed to Disney World Orlando this winter and unsure what to pack? Florida generally has an excellent climate, even in winter. 

What you need to prepare for in winter months is that mornings and evenings are likely to be chilly. And afternoons are almost certainly going to be warm. So, these are some eventualities you should prepare for when packing for your Disney World vacation. Let’s unravel Disney World Orlando – What to Pack for Winter Months. 

Disney World Orlando in Winter 

Many questions come to mind when planning a Disney world trip in winter. Will you be able to swim? Should you bring a jacket? It’s often difficult to know what to pack when trying to remember all the “just in case” possibilities.  

But with these tips and strategies you should be ready for any kind of weather or Disney park scenario you may encounter during the months of November and December.  

Orlando Weather for December 

Daytime highs for Orlando weather in December go from 75, early in the month, down to 71 by the 31st of December. Lows go from 58 degrees in early December to 51 towards the end (via Accuweather).  

Can We Swim? 

Of course, you can swim at Disney World Orlando in the winter months! Disney has two water parks, Typhoon Lagoon (closing in November for refurbishment) and Blizzard Beach which only closes for inclement weather towards February, and pools at every resort are heated. If you plan on visiting Disney in November, be sure to check out Disney World Orlando for Thanksgiving (2023). 

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How to Pack for Disney World in Winter Months 


Days in Orlando are relatively warm. You certainly won’t want to be wearing a long sleeve shirt while waiting in queue. So, a pair of capris and a T-shirt is ideal for Disney World. As it is of course still winter, pack a bag with a long sleeve shirt – just in case. 

Florida - Orlando - Disney World - Winter


With the temperature hovering in the 70s you do not want to get caught with long jeans or pants. But you also don’t want to be caught with shorts on when the temperature drops in the evening.  

This is why I specifically recommended capris. But, again, I also recommend carrying some longer pants in a bag – just in case. 

Jacket, Gloves, Etc. 

Once the sun goes down and the temperature drops, you’ll be glad you packed a sweater, jacket, or gloves in your bag – you know – just in case. Always be prepared. 

Comfortable footgear 

Comfortable shoes and socks are a must at Disney World Orlando parks for more reasons than just cold weather. In summer months you may wear sandals but that won’t work so well in the morning or evening hours of the winter months. 

However, rain in the winter in Florida is quite different than 10 minute rain storms in the summer and spring. If it starts to rain in December, it can last a while – even hours. So, maybe invest in some waterproof shoes or pack a pair of Keen sandals in your park bag. 

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Rain gear 

Again, it can really come down if it rains in December. Always carry a poncho with you as it folds neatly and will keep you from becoming miserable on your vacay. Avoid an umbrella as they can end up being more trouble than they are worth at Disney World.  


Never underestimate the Florida sun – even in winter. It’s best to pack sunscreen no matter when you’re visiting Disney World Orlando. A hat can take many forms during an Orlando winter. It’s sunny but it can also get cold, so a hat is a good idea. You might feel comfortable wearing an Elf or Santa hat, maybe something with ears, but a cap is good too. 

Pack for Dietary Needs 

Disney has a huge selection of culinary delights. If you have special dietary needs that are many available options as well. You can see some of them by checking out Disney Orlando’s Animal Kingdom Vegan-Friendly Options (HERE) as well as Vegan-Friendly Options at Disney’s Hollywood Studios (HERE).  

However, your selection may be more limited than you’d like depending on your dietary needs and preferences. But we have good news, because now Disney allows guests to carry their own treats.

According to Disney, “Guests are allowed to bring outside food and nonalcoholic beverages into the parks for self-consumption, provided they are not in glass containers, do not require heating, reheating, processing or refrigeration and do not have pungent odors.” 

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