5 Best Places to Rent a Bike Along 30A

Rent Bikes - Panhandle - Florida - Bicycle - 30A
Rent Bikes - Panhandle - Florida - Bicycle - 30A

State Road 30A is one of the most beautiful stretches of highway in the Florida Panhandle for bike rentals. In fact, alongside 30A runs the 18.5-mile Timpoochee Trail. Along the way, there are myriad attractions, shopping, and incredible restaurants to stop at.  

If you neglected to bring your bike – worry not! There are bike rentals available throughout the state of Florida. Let’s unpack the 5 Best Places to Rent a bike along 30A. 

#1 Bike the Beach PCB 

Bike the Beach PCB is located on Front Beach Rd, Panama City Beach along the 30A. The shop rents golf carts for riding the miles of the beach but also rents bicycles for the more adventurous traveler. 

Also available to rent her are Polaris Slingshots, however, such a rental may limit access to some 30A destinations. Bike rental prices start at $25 a day and top out at $65 a week. 

#2 Outlaw Rentals 

Outlaw Rentals is also conveniently located on Powell Adams Rd along the 30A. They offer Slingshot rentals as well as beach bikes, motorcycles, golf carts, and scooters. 

With locations in both Seaside and Panama City Beach, they won’t be hard to find. Bike rental prices are a flat $25 a day. 

#3 Peddlers 30A 

Peddlers 30A is located along the 30A in Panama City Beach and they boast the largest bike rental selection in town. They carry a wide variety of styles, sizes, and accessories from trikes, fat tire, kids tandem, to Burley trailers, baby seats, and more. Bike rental prices start at $30 a day. 

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What’s more? Peddlers in not just about bikes. They also feature shopping and food – fashion, handmade jewelry, gourmet donuts, authentic Italian pizza, cold beer, and fresh cocktails. 

Rent Bikes - Panhandle - Florida - Bicycle - 30A

#4 30A Bike Rentals 

Another perfectly located bike shop for riding the 30A is 30A Bike Rentals. They offer several styles and sizes of bikes and even boast beach wheelchairs with fat tires. 

Peddlers also offers top-brand biking accessories, 30A Gear, souvenirs, and more. a bike repair shop is available on-site. Prices vary from $20 a week all the way up to $85 a week. Rentals top out at $200 a week in Walton and $300 a week in Bay and Okaloosa. 

#5 Bamboo Bicycle Company 

Bamboo Bicycle Company is located in the Rosemary Beach Community Town Center and offers bike rentals, as well as beach and baby gear. Bike rental prices range from 40 a day to a hundred for two weeks.  

You can rent beach umbrellas from $60 a day up to $156 for two weeks. Cribs, high chairs, and baby gates are also available for rent.

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