3 Best Bike Rentals in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach - Florida - Bike Rental
Panama City Beach - Florida - Bike Rental

Panama City Beach has some of the most beautiful white sandy beaches along the Emerald Coast. As a result, the whole town bustles with activity – night or day. But if you want to get in and out easily and see some of the wildlife and scenery along the way, you need a bike. 

If you didn’t bring one with you, worry not. We’ve got you covered. Read on to discover the 3 Best Bike Rentals in Panama City Beach, Florida. 

#1 The Beach Bicycle Shop 

The Beach Bicycle Shop on Front Beach Road in Panama City Beach is chiefly a spot for locals to meet their biking needs. However, you can also discover some of the best biking trails and paths to take while in Panama City Beach. If you want the best info about the best spots, you’ll get it from locals – right here. 

#2 Peddlers 

Located on 30A in Panama City Beach, Florida, Peddlers is an eclectic and affordable bike rental shop. If you are able to plan in advance, Peddlers can save you up to 10 percent off your bike rental needs. If you’re renting bikes for the family, that can be substantial savings. 

At Peddlers, you can also discover plenty of routes and attractions that you can check out while you’re biking in the area. If you’re looking for a family-friendly bike shop that wants you all to have a blast, then this is the place for you. 

Peddlers covers everyone whether you’re looking for luxury or just local favorites, this is something to solve your puzzle. Family-friendly and family-owned – Peddlers also boasts upscale fashion, handmade jewelry, gourmet donuts, authentic Italian pizza, cold beer, and fresh cocktails 

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Panama City Beach - Florida - Bike Rental

#3 Barley’s Bike Rentals 

Located on Joan Avenue in Panama City Beach, Florida, Barley’s Bike Rentals is the only bike shop on Panama City Beach with direct access to Conservation Park and Gayle’s Trails. You can rent a bike for $20 a day or ride for the week at $80. If your trip is a long one, ride all month long for just $170. 

The shop is located just 1/2 mile from two popular riding trails on the beach; Conservation Park and Gayle’s Trails. They provide maps and current updates on the trails and their conditions, whether they are muddy, dry, or wet.  

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