Best Cuban Sandwiches in West Palm Beach, Florida

Florida - West Palm Beach - Cuban Sandwich - Cubano
Florida - West Palm Beach - Cuban Sandwich - Cubano

Cuban Sandwiches – or Cubanos – have been a mainstay in Florida for more than a century and West Palm Beach is no exception. But, with both Miami and Ybor City claiming the Cuban Sandwich, we may never know exactly how it came to be. So, let’s not debate its origin and instead unpack the Best Cuban Sandwiches in West Palm Beach, Florida.  

Havana Restaurant 

The Palm Beach Post named Havana Restaurant The Best Cuban Restaurant and The Best Cuban Sandwich for 4 consecutive years. Located at 6801 S. Dixie Hwy, in West Palm Beach, this spot features a classic hot-pressed Cuban. The only thing different is that the mustard and pickles are added only upon request. 

The rustic two-level restaurant is a friendly cantina open 24 hours a day and serves some classic Cuban cuisine. Naturally, the Cuban sandwich is the best you’re likely to find in the West Palm Beach area. 

Tropical Bakery 

Located on Forest Hill Blvd in Palm Springs, Florida, near West Palm Beach, Tropical Baker is a family-owned spot that offers Cuban comfort food, pastries, and coffee. Anchored in a plaza corner in the little beach town, Tropical Baker has been serving up delicious fare for 32 years.  

It’s also worth noting that they bake their own bread in-house and the chief beneficiary is their delicious Cuban. Hours follow:  

  • Sunday 7 AM–1 PM 
  • Monday 6 AM–7 PM 
  • Tuesday 6 AM–7 PM 
  • Wednesday 6 AM–7 PM 
  • Thursday 6 AM–7 PM 
  • Friday 6 AM–7 PM 
  • Saturday 6 AM–7 PM 

Florida - West Palm Beach - Cuban Sandwich - Cubano

Nick’s 50’S Diner 

Located on Okeechobee Blvd C9 in West Palm Beach is a chrome-plated retro diner dishing out American comfort food. They also serve great Cuban sandwiches, and their dining room is complete with a vintage jukebox. 

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  • Sunday 8 AM–2 PM 
  • Monday 7 AM–2 PM 
  • Tuesday 7 AM–2 PM 
  • Wednesday 7 AM–2 PM 
  • Thursday 7 AM–2 PM 
  • Friday 7 AM–2 PM 
  • Saturday 7 AM–2 PM 

Don Ramon Restaurante Cubano 

Located on Dixie Hwy in West Palm Beach, Don Ramon Restaurante Cubano is a lively restaurant serving up classic Cuban fare. Don Ramon offers seven delicious sandwiches but chief among them is the classic Cubano.  

You can also get chicken, pork, steak sandwiches, pan con croquetas, and even sloppy joes. Sides include boiled yucca, fried plantains, mixed rice, and standard French fries. Hours follow: 

  • Sunday 11 AM–9 PM 
  • Monday 11 AM–9 PM 
  • Tuesday 11 AM–9 PM 
  • Wednesday 11 AM–9 PM 
  • Thursday 11 AM–9 PM 
  • Friday 11 AM–10 PM 
  • Saturday 11 AM–10 PM 

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