3 Best Places to get a Cuban Sandwich in Orlando, Florida

Florida - Orlando - Cuban Sandwich - Cubano
Florida - Orlando - Cuban Sandwich - Cubano

Most people know Orlando, Florida as the place to go for Disney World or Universal Studios, but it’s also a great place to find some of the world’s best Cuban sandwiches. The Cuban sandwich, or the Cubano, was reportedly brought to Miami by Cuban ex-patriots in the 1950s.  

However, many historians point to the first distinctly Cuban sandwich appearing in Ybor City in West Tampa around 1900. No matter where it originated, one thing is certain, the Cubano has become a truly iconic element of Florida. We’ve recently addressed the best Cuban Sandwiches in Miami (here) and Tampa (here). So, let’s unpack the 3 Best Places to get a Cuban Sandwich in Orlando, Florida. 

#1 Tainos Bakery & Deli in Orlando, Florida 

Located on Lake Underhill in Orlando, Florida Tainos Bakery & Deli is a Puerto Rican-style café and bakery chain. They boast toasted sandwiches, mofongos, and breakfast, served throughout the day. They are such a popular spot that originally opened its doors in 2005 and has since grown to 6 stores.  

Tainos is decidedly Puerto Rican and is serving up an expansive menu and a long list of sandwiches. But the Tainos Cubano is considered to be one of the best in Orlando. “Feels just like home! Food was delicious. Service was quick and friendly. I am absolutely loving this place! Highly recommend!” 


  • Sunday 7 AM–5 PM 
  • Monday 6 AM–6 PM 
  • Tuesday 6 AM–6 PM 
  • Wednesday  6 AM–6 PM 
  • Thursday 6 AM–6 PM 
  • Friday 6 AM–6 PM 
  • Saturday 7 AM–6 PM

Florida - Orlando - Cuban Sandwich - Cubano

#2 Black Bean Deli Orlando 

Another highly rated Cuban sandwich spot in Orlando, Florida is Black Bean Deli Orlando. They opened their doors in 2002 and have been going strong ever since.  

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The quaint corner spot boasts numerous versions of the Cuban sandwich including a Cuban Frita Burger and an extensive coffee menu. “Incredible Cuban sandwiches. The prices on the menu are very reasonable. I was surprised at the amount of food they brought out! The rice and beans were amazing!” 


  • Sunday 9 AM–4 PM 
  • Monday 8 AM–3 PM 
  • Tuesday 8 AM–8 PM 
  • Wednesday 8 AM–8 PM 
  • Thursday 8 AM–8 PM 
  • Friday 8 AM–8 PM 
  • Saturday 8 AM–8 PM

Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwicheria 

Pom Pom’s Teahouse & Sandwicheria, located on N Bumby Ave in Orlando. They first opened their doors 17 years ago. The restaurant was commemorated in 2021 as one of the area’s favorite local eateries.  

Not only do they boast a huge list of pressed Cuban sandwiches, but they also feature some great local art. “Pom Pom’s is without a doubt an Orlando staple and one of the best sandwich spots of all time.” 


  • Sunday 11 AM–5 PM 
  • Monday 11 AM–11 PM 
  • Tuesday 11 AM–11 PM 
  • Wednesday 11 AM–11 PM 
  • Thursday 11 AM–11 PM 
  • Friday 11 AM–11 PM 
  • Saturday 11 AM–11 PM 

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