What to Know About Flora-Bama – World’s Most Famous Beach Bar

Flora-Bama - Pensacola - Florida - Bar
Flora-Bama - Pensacola - Florida - Bar

The Flora-Bama Lounge – The World’s Most Famous Beach Bar, is located along the white sandy beaches of the Florida-Alabama state line in Pensacola, Florida.

Just feet from the Florida-Alabama State Line, this world-famous dive bar serves up beach fun, food, drinks, and great music. But there is more to the bar than meets the eye.  

Nearly destroyed by Hurricane Ivan in 2004, this bar has a history. Following Ivan, it shut down for the first few days in over 40 years and reopened serving only coolers, ice and beer.  

Now writers from all around hit up this place, often, to share songs they’ve written about it. So, read on and we’ll share with you What to Know about Flora-Bama – The World’s Most Famous Beach Bar. 

Flora-Bama - Pensacola - Florida - Bar

What Exactly Is Flora-Bama?

The Flora-Bama Lounge and Package, AKA The Flora-Bama, was built in 1964, two years after the Alabama State Route 182, connecting Orange Beach, AL with Perdido Key, FL, was completed. But, at the time, it was the only spot in the area.  

However, as the area around it grew, larger crowds meant The Flora-Bama had to expand. Today Flora-Bama is widely known as the joint where “you can have a millionaire sitting next to a biker.”

The joint’s patrons contribute to its appeal. Now the Flora-Bama as millions of customers, or “Bamily” members, that travel there, often from around the world to Pensacola just to stop by for a few.

Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival 

 A bevy of songwriters often frequent The Flora-Bama Lounge. Also, they write songs about the bar and often participate in the Frank Brown International Songwriters’ Festival. The festival happens in November, often at The Flora-Bama. 

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Indeed, the festival features acclaimed songwriters who feature in many joints along the Florida / Alabama Gulf Coast throughout November. Also, the festival brings authors of original music into the spotlight and supports local businesses by increasing tourism to the Pensacola area. 

Tour The Flora-Bama Lounge 

The Flora-Bama lounge is a great place for songwriters to be heard with five stages. Moreover, these stages feature bands playing a variety – from country, rock, and dance to beach music.  

Patrons can often choose what type of entertainment they want from one stage to the next. If you want to stay close to the beach, The Flora-Bama also has several beach-front bars from which to enjoy your drink on the sand. 

Don’t forget munchies! The Flora-Bama has three restaurants: The Flora-Bama Oyster Bar located inside the bar, the Ole River Grill that serves up everything from fresh seafood and nachos to smoked tuna melts, and the open air Yacht Club that boasts boat access and fresh seafood.   

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