What to Expect from 2023 Flight Delays and Cancellations – How to Prepare 

Travel - Flight Delays
Travel - Flight Delays

Travelers throughout the world should expect to see a surge in travel post-pandemic and the bulk of it will be in summer months. A surge in travel will inevitably be accompanied by more flight delays and/or cancelations than normal. 

You’ll definitely want to know what to expect so you can be ready for it. So, let’s unpack What to Expect from 2023 Flight Delays and Cancellations – How to Prepare. 

Expect Fight Complications, Cancellations, & Delays 

As the official start of Summer (Memorial Day) looms large, travel insiders are indicating that the post-pandemic travel surge is not over.  Daily TSA numbers are still matching and surpassing 2019 levels (via IATA) and it is naturally expected to be another busy summer travel season.  

The Transportation Security Administration (TSA) is expecting those numbers to continue this trend with 2023 summer travel exceeding that of 2019. In fact, they’re already screening more than two million passengers a day and that number is only expected to increase as we head into Summer.  

As this number grows there will continue to be a shortage of air traffic controllers throughout the US and perhaps the world and in New York specifically. The US in general is operating at about 80 percent capacity while New York is sitting at 54 percent, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). 

So, you can expect complications, delays, and even cancelations. However, there are things you can do to mitigate the effect. 

Fly Non-Stop Whenever Possible 

It’s true that non-stop flights are not as easily found as they once were – but they’re still out there. Because of their rarity, they can also get pretty expensive when compared with other flights.  

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But that expense may very well be worth it if you manage to avoid delays or cancelations. Every stop increases your chances of running into a delayed or canceled flight. 

Travel - Flight Delays

Book an Early Flight 

You, like myself, may not be a morning person. However, if it means not getting hung up in the airport and having to drive, we all make accommodations. So, take an early flight and beat the rush. 

According to a spokesperson for Going, Katy Nastro, “Morning flights have a 25 percentage point higher on-time arrival rate versus an afternoon or evening flight. Your plane is already at the gate and so it’s not subject to delays due to weather or other issues coming from somewhere else.”  

Pay Attention to Weather Forecasts 

Be sure and pay attention to the weather forecast – and of course the weather itself. If you see bad weather coming, try to tweak your plans around it to avoid delays in the future. Notably, some cities are more vulnerable to inclement weather than others.  

Get Flight Delay Coverage 

Be sure that you get some insurance that includes flight delay coverage. This won’t stop you from being delayed but, if you get a good travel insurance plan you can get reimbursement for the added cost the delay causes, such as meals, lodging, etc. 

As always, with any insurance plan, you’ll want to note the terms and conditions for the plan to make sure that you’ll receive adequate accommodation.  

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