What Animals are at Disney’s Animal Kingdom

Florida - Orlando - Disney World - Animal Kingdom
Florida - Orlando - Disney World - Animal Kingdom

Disney World is also home to the largest theme park in the world, Disney’s Animal Kingdom. The park is also home to Disney’s TV series on the animals within its boundaries: Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom which just wrapped its second season. 

What Animals Can You See at Disney’s Animal Kingdom? 

At any given time, you can see exotic and interesting critters on the grounds of Magic Kingdom. We’ve listed them for you here: 

The Oasis  

Stroll down garden pathways and watch for animals along the way. 

Upon entering Disney’s Animal Kingdom theme park, you’ll find yourself amid The Oasis Exhibits as you start to see some exciting animals:  

  • Anteaters 
  • Babirusas 


Look for African animals as you stroll the Gorilla Falls Exploration Trail. Or ride a vehicle around sprawling wildlife habitats on Kilimanjaro Safaris. Below is what you might find: 

  • African Birds 
  • African Hogs 
  • Ankole Cattle 
  • Elephants 
  • Flamingos 
  • Giraffes 
  • Gorillas 
  • Hippos 
  • Lions 
  • Meerkats 
  • Okapis 
  • Rhinos 
  • Zebras 

Discovery Island: 

Take a hike down the Discovery Island Trails for a chance to see these critters: 

  • Flamingos 
  • Invertebrates 
  • Kangaroos 
  • Lemurs 
  • Otters 
  • Tamarins 
  • Vultures 



In Animal Kingdom’s Asia, you’ll discover awe-inspiring critters on Maharajah Jungle Trek. You’ll visit Anandapur Theater to see birds in flight. Learn from animal behavior specialists who give you a behind-the-scenes look at the free-flying birds of Disney’s Animal Kingdom. 

At the Asia exhibit you’ll see: 

  • Asian Birds 
  • Bats 
  • Gibbons 
  • Komodo Dragons 
  • Tigers 

Florida - Orlando - Disney World - Animal Kingdom

Disney World Focus on the Conservation and Welfare of Animals 

Few may know this, but Disney’s Animal Kingdom was specially designed to protect the welfare of the animals who make the park their home. Accredited by the Association of Zoos and Aquariums, AK has met or exceeded the association’s standards for education, conservation, and research. 

For a chance to learn about their conservation efforts and educate yourselves, visit the Conservation Station at the park. There you’ll get an in-depth look at animal habitats around the globe and see firsthand the expert veterinary care the animals receive. 

Magic of Disney’s Animal Kingdom 

In this series, which launched on Disney’s 100th Anniversary and launched a new season in January of this year, you can learn more about how Disney cared for the animals of AK as well as their other locations including The Seas pavilion at EPCOT, Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, and Tri-Circle-D Ranch.  

Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge 

If you choose Animal Kingdom Lodge as your Disney home away from home you’ll even get to see some of these animals right from your guest room window! This luxury resort offers some of the best amenities like quality dining, including restaurants Boma, Sanaa, and more.  

It also boasts the largest swimming pool on the property, complimentary transportation, and early theme park entry. With that and exciting views of the African Savanna – you can’t go wrong. 

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