Things to Do at Panama City Beach’s Thunder Beach 2023

Thunder Beach - Panama City Beach - Florida
Thunder Beach - Panama City Beach - Florida

Thunder Beach is a motorcycle rally that goes down twice a year in Panama City Beach, Florida. It first began in 1999 at the Tiki Bar of the Sandpiper Beacon Beach Resort. Then it was called “The Bike & Beach Bash”.

It’s time for the rally once more, and between 58 and 65,000 people are expected to show. Let’s unpack some Things to Do at Panama City Beach’s Thunder Beach 2023.  

Rally Venues  

Panama City Beach, Florida is home to numerous bike rally venues. And, if you don’t know where and when it could have you running around like a headless chicken. Here we give you the goods.   

  • The Frank Brown Park rally is at 16200 Panama City Beach Pkwy. This rally gets going at 9 AM Wednesday through Saturday. Wednesday it wraps early at 7 PM but Thurs – Sat it keeps going until 10 PM.  
  • Crossroads takes off at 12000 Front Beach Road, Panama City Beach. And this rally venue runs steady from 10 AM to 11 PM Wednesday through Saturday.   
  • Harley Davidson PCB is located at 14700 Panama City Beach Pkwy. Things get going here at 9 AM and wrap at 6 PM Wednesday through Saturday.  
  • Hammerhead Fred’s is at 8752 Thomas Dr in Panama City Beach. And Fred’s kicks things off at 9 AM and keeps it going until 11 PM Wednesday through Saturday. 
  • Sharkey’s Beachfront sits at 15201 Front Beach Rd in Panama City Beach. Sharkey’s venue provides a steady stream of live music between 9 AM to 11 PM Wednesday through Saturday.  
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Thunder Beach Musical Performances 

Thunder Beach has become known as the place to be for musical performances from some of the greats. The main stage at Frank Brown Park will feature Candlebox on May 5 at 6:45 PM followed by Florida’s own Lynard Skynyrd performing at 8:45 PM. 

Thunder Beach - Panama City Beach - Florida

Jackyl will perform on Thursday, May 4 at 6:30 PM followed by Rob Zombie at 8:30 PM. Drowning Pool hits the stage on Saturday, May 6 at 6:45 PM followed by Pantera at 8:45 PM. There will be other musical performances at various times and locations along the way. But you can get started with this shortlist.  

Thunder Beach Bike Shows 

What would Thunder Beach be like without bike shows? Here we list them and where and when you can find them. All the bike shows will go down at various times along The Strip, aka Panama City Beach’s Front Beach Road.  

  • Baggers and Tails Custom Bike Show 
  • Audio Jam Sound Off  
  • Baggers and Tails Audio Competition  
  • Urban Rides Cycle Showdown Bike Show 
  • Official Thunder Beach Antique Bike Show 
  • Best of Thunder Beach Bike Show by Florida Full Throttle Magazine 
  • Official Thunder Beach Sound Competition 

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