How to Get the Most Out of Disney’s Epcot 

Florida - Orlando - Epcot
Florida - Orlando - Epcot

Several issues can factor into an ideal visit to Disney’s Epcot. How you handle the weather, your budget, your work schedule, and your kid’s school schedule, can all influence when and where you vacation. As a general rule, the best time to visit Disney’s Epcot in Florida is January and February when the weather is pleasant, and most kids are in school.  

However, crowd sizes can change from month to month. Epcot tends to draw older crowds. This can mean that during the summer when parks like Magic Kingdom are bustling, Epcot can see fewer visitors. But crowds can grow during the holidays.  

The best way to discover the best times to go to Disney’s parks is to download an app like Touring Plans. It can help you find the shortest line waits, step-by-step itineraries, searchable menus, restaurant and attraction ratings, and crowd calendars – to name a few. So, let’s unpack How to Get the Most Out of Disney’s Epcot. 

What is Disney’s Epcot? 

Firstly, Epcot is an acronym that stands for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. It was originally centered on Walt Disney’s vision for a new kind of community. Now it consists of two sections – Future World and World Showcase. 

Future World features a lot of thrilling attractions like Mission Space, Test Track, and Soarin.’ It also boasts more educational rides like Living with the Land and Spaceship Earth. 

The World Showcase at Epcot is a 1.3-mile-long lakefront exhibit with 11 country-themed pavilions, native cuisine, and souvenir shops. Pavilions represent countries like Japan, France, Morocco, and China. Thus, you’ll be able to get a taste of each region’s culture through food, shopping, educational films, and more. The World Showcase is also a drinking hub for guests looking to relax with a cocktail trekking around all day. 

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How Can the Cost of Epcot Change? 

A single, one-day, ticket to most Disney Parks starts at $109, for 2023, and max out at $189. This is where timing comes into play. If you buy a ticket on a weekend or during the busy holiday season, the cost rises to around $159 a ticket.  

But wait! There’s more! This basic ticket does not include the option to go from park to park. That price will range between $179-$219. 

How Can Weather Affect Your Epcot Trip? 

Florida’s weather is normally very hot and humid in the summer months. It’s milder in the fall, winter, and spring months – between October and May. However, since Epcot has plenty of indoor attractions, it’s an excellent choice for visiting in the afternoon.   

Hurricane season lasts from June to October, however, the odds of a hurricane hitting during your stay aren’t that great. 

What’s the Peak Season at Disney’s Epcot 

Obviously, the summer months are going to bring some pretty big clouds to Epcot. But, since Epcot is the least kid-friendly Disney park, if you have to visit during June, July, or August, you’ll want to keep your fun centered on the World Showcase and avoid Future World. Future World is primarily composed of family-friendly rides.  

Now, with all that said, the following list of major holidays are known to draw large crowds to all Disney Parks: 

  • New Year’s Day (January 1) 
  • Martin Luther King Jr. Day (the third Monday of January) 
  • Presidents’ Day (the third Monday of February) 
  • Valentine’s Day (February 14) 
  • Easter Sunday (varies between March and April) 
  • Independence Day (July 4) 
  • Thanksgiving Day (the third Thursday of November) 
  • Christmas Eve (December 24) 
  • Christmas Day (December 25) 
  • New Year’s Eve (December 31) 
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September is typically a slower time at Disney World, but Epcot can still be quite crowded this time of year. Again, if you want to avoid crowds, and subsequent higher rates, January and February are the best times to visit. 

Remember, if you choose to stay at one of Disney World’s resorts, you’ll want to make use of the Extra Magic Hours program. This allows resort guests to enter parks in the early morning and late evening hours when there aren’t any crowds. If, however, you are staying outside of Disney’s resort system, you’ll probably want to avoid visiting Epcot on days that offer Extra Magic Hours as the perk draws crowds.  

Florida - Orlando - Epcot

Best Time of Day to Visit Disney’s Epcot 

The best time to visit Epcot is usually as soon as the park opens as this gives you first dibs on attractions like Test Track and Mission Space. And be sure to make use of FastPass+. 

If you’re heading to World Showcase, arrive by 11 AM. Check out Soarin’ on your way in, as you will pass it anyway. This is also your one chance to ride without a FastPass+. Also notable, Frozen Ever After ride at the Norway Pavilion gets really long lines by mid-morning so it’s a good idea to head there first off after arriving.   

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