9 Gluten-Free Options at Universal Orlando, Florida

Florida - Universal - Orlando - Gluten Free
Florida - Universal - Orlando - Gluten Free

Looking for gluten-free options at Universal Orlando? We’ve got you covered. Orlando, Florida has plenty of dining options for those with a gluten allergy, so let’s dig in!

We’re here to tell you, it’s not as bad as you might think and we’re going to help make it easier for you. Though it’s not exactly Disney World-level gluten-friendly, it’s still possible to find sustenance at Universal.  

Obviously, you’ll want to do your own research but we’re going to try and make that easier for you. So, let’s lay out 9 Gluten-Free Options at Universal Orlando, Florida. 

#1 Mythos Restaurant – Universal Orlando, Florida 

Mythos Restaurant at Universal Orlando has numerous gluten-free options, and they are clearly marked on the menu with a Gf in purple. Entrees like Pan Roasted Salmon, Pad Thai, Seasonal Risotto, and Lamb Burgers immediately jump out at you, but there are many others. In fact, the majority of the entrees and sandwiches at Mythos are gluten-free.  

#2 Three Broomsticks – Wizarding World of Harry Potter 

Three Broomsticks located in Universal’s Wizarding World of Harry Potter in Orlando, Florida offers a great gluten-free breakfast that even includes pancakes.   Other items include leek and split pea soup, baked potatoes, English breakfast, and more.  

#3 Green Eggs and Ham Café – Universal Orlando

Green Eggs and Ham Café offers a small selection of gluten-free menu items including Pizza Tots, Who Hash, and Green Eggs and Ham.  

#4 Thunder Falls 

Thunder Falls is a barbecue spot that has a frier dedicated to gluten-free menu items 

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Florida - Universal - Orlando - Gluten Free

#5 Mel’s Drive-In 

Mel’s Drive-In has great hamburgers, a dedicated fryer as well as gluten-free buns. Plus, with the cool cars outside, the ambiance is incredible.  

#6 The Leaky Cauldron – Wizarding World of Harry Potter

The Leaky Cauldron at The Wizarding World of Harry Potter is located on Diagon Alley. There are not a lot of gluten-free options here, but they do have a dedicated fryer and buns available.  

Don’t forget to try a cold butterbeer! All versions of Butterbeer are gluten-free, including HOT, regular, AND frozen! The butterbeer ice cream is too if you skip the cone!

#7 TODAY Café  – Universal

TODAY Café is a great option at Universal for a gluten-free breakfast. They also have options that can be modified which include avocado toast.  

#8 Bambu 

Bambu at Volcano Bay has burgers and chicken and Mahi sandwiches that can all be modified with gluten-free buns.  

#9 Hard Rock Café – Universal City Walk 

Hard Rock Café located at Universal’s City Walk features a fully gluten-free menu. It includes salads, flatbreads, burgers/sandwiches, entrees as well as gluten-free desserts.  

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