5 Fun Rainy Day Activities Near Palm Beach Florida

Florida - Palm Beach - Rain - Activities
Florida - Palm Beach - Rain - Activities

The Palm Beach, Florida area is filled with pristine beaches, exhilarating water sports, and a great climate. Unfortunately, when it’s raining, as it sometimes does, your plans are often shattered. It’s good to have a backup plan to turn to on a rainy day. So, let’s explore 5 Fun Rainy Day Activities Near Palm Beach Florida. 

#1 Discover Something New via a Good Book 

Who doesn’t love a good book and a glass of wine on a rainy day? The Palm Beach area has many cozy and comforting bookstores to help brighten your rainy day. Below we’ll list a few of the best-rated bookstores to choose from.  

#2 Catch a Flick 

Another favorite rainy day pastime that’s still alive and well is watching movies. You can rent a movie and sit at home, or you can go out and watch one. But, if you’re going out, you don’t want just any old movie theater.  So, below are the 5 Top-rated theaters near Palm Beach, Florida. 

Florida - Palm Beach - Rain - Activities

#3 Try Out Some Great Local Wines 

The Palm Beach area is known for its wines. And what better way to relax on a rainy day than sitting down with a great glass of wine? Below will list a few of the best-rated wine spots in the Palm Beach area. 

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#4 Take a Beer Tour Aboard the Damn Good Beer Bus 

If wine isn’t your bag, you can always hop on board the Damn Good Beer Bus and tour local breweries throughout Palm Beach County. Also, separate tours take you to three different breweries. You’ll get to sample some of the best local brews out there while talking with the people behind those beers. The 20-person bus is stocked with water, snacks, and a tour guide.  

#5 Museum Tour 

Another fun thing to do on a rainy day is a museum tour. The Palm Beach area has a great deal of eclectic taste, and the museums and science exhibits prove it. So, below we’ll get you started with a short list of some of the best museums and/or exhibits the Palm Beach area has to offer.  

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