5 Food Trucks Near Fort Walton Beach, Florida

Florida - Fort Walton Beach - Food Truck
Florida - Fort Walton Beach - Food Truck

Fort Walton Beach and other places along the Emerald Coast of Florida are popular spots for food trucks. With a great climate most of the year and thousands of visitors every year, food trucks thrive in this region.

You could try a new truck at every meal, or you could choose from a short list of great trucks. Tell you what – we’ll do it for you. He’s a list of the Top 5 Food Trucks Near Fort Walton Beach, Florida.  

#1 Cheesus Food Truck 

Cheesus Food Truck serves the entire Emerald Coast, and you’ll need to follow their Facebook Page to find out where they are at a given time. It has a lively and witty flair, and its menu is equally as quirky as the name – Cheesus. 

The menu boasts “sinful” ingredients and items like “Pride,” “Denial,” and “Wrath” and they’re “to die for” no matter what they’re called. For example, The Wrath grilled cheese sandwich is made with jalapeños, cheddar, cream cheese, and chopped bacon – pure fire. 

#2 Dadgum Good BBQ 

Located on Avalon Blvd in Milton Florida, Dadgum Good BBQ boasts Slow-smoked meats, homemade rub, sauces, and sides. The menu features such BBQ favorites as pulled chicken, pulled pork, buffalo chicken, chopped brisket, and more.  

For sides, they feature BBQ baked beans, cole slaw, potato salad, and chips. There is no dessert listed but with a menu like this, how will you ever find room?!  

#3 Pie Faced 

Pie Faced is a veritable pizzeria on wheels found in the Fort Walton Beach area. Their menu features handcrafted 10 and 11-inch pies. Signature house-made sauce and roasted peppers, as well as Dirt Water Dogs cooked in beef juice and spices.  

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They even have an artichoke pie and for dessert, a pie with seasonal fruit and chocolate or caramel drizzle. One thing is certain, this is a next-level pizza experience.  

Florida - Fort Walton Beach - Food Truck

#4 Kansas City Wings 

With a restaurant located on Eglin Pkwy SE in Fort Walton Beach, Kansas City Wings Food Truck features delicious hot wings. The restaurant has been a fixture in Fort Walton Beach since 2018 and local folks dig the fair.  

The truck features affordably priced hot wings, baked beans, cheeseburgers, French fries, fried okra, and more. If you want Kansas City BBQ without the hassle of a restaurant, this is the truck for you.  

#5 A Real Taste of Philly 

Located off of FL-87 in Navarre, Florida, A Real Taste of Philly is the truck you want for Philly cheese steak sandwiches, meatball subs, and more. Fries come with fries, cheese fries, pizza fries, and bacon ranch fries. 

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