The 2023 Florida Fin Fest in Jacksonville, Florida

Florida - Jacksonville - Fin Fest
Florida - Jacksonville - Fin Fest

Florida Fin Fest is a two-day long Ocean Conservation, Education, and Music Festival that goes down in Jacksonville Beach, FL from September 15th to 16th, 2023. It’s a free festival that will feature hands-on activities for the whole family.  

These will include live music, an interactive educational village, a sustainability-focused festival village, food trucks and more. This article will tell you about the festival, returning for the third year in a row, who you’ll see, and what it’s all about. So, let’s unpack The 2023 Florida Fin Fest in Jacksonville, Florida. 

The Return of Florida Fin Fest – What It’s About 

It was recently announced that the highly anticipated Florida Fin Fest will be returning to Jacksonville, Florida this year on September 15. The two-day long festival that goes down in Jacksonville, Florida will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience featuring education, music, and a reverence for the oceans that surround our planet.  

Florida Fin Fest, at its core, represents a commitment to raise awareness about ocean conservation. The event, which is gratis, brings together people, organizations, and experts from around the globe.  

The goal will be to highlight the importance of preserving our marine ecosystems for our future generations.  The hope, again, is that by combining education with entertainment and community engagement, Florida Fin Fest will create a singular platform for environmental stewardship 

Florida - Jacksonville - Fin Fest

Get Ready to be Wowed by the Florida Fin Fest 

Visitors and locals can expect an incredible lineup of musical talent to grace the Jacksonville stage. Grammy-nominated artists Tank & The Bangas and Cimafunk will be taking the stage. Also, reggae favorites Fortunate Youth and billboard-charting artist Shwayze along with 15 additional acts will be rocking an unforgettable soundtrack for the festival. 

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From soulful tunes to epic beats, expect the music of Florida Fin Fest to entertain attendees of all ages and walks of life.  

Florida Fin Fest – More than Just Music and Fun 

Though it’s no doubt that the Florida Fin Fest will rock you with unforgettable musical performances, that’s not all that it’s about. Florida Fin Fest features an immersive educational experience.  

For example, The Educational Village, presented by the lauded Ocean Conservancy, will feature engaging activities from well-known institutions such as MOSH (Jacksonville Museum of Science and History). Also featuring will be The Georgia Aquarium, Jacksonville University, OCEARCH, and more.  

Guests will get a chance to learn about marine life and conservation efforts, as well as sustainable practices. This will occur via interactive exhibits, workshops, and hands on activities.  

According to OCEARCH Founder & Expedition Leader, Chris Fischer, “All of us at OCEARCH have enjoyed Florida Fin Fest over the past couple of years and with the action around the new OCEARCH Global Headquarters at Jacksonville University in Mayport heating up this year, the event proves to be more exciting than ever. We look forward to having our team there to celebrate our ocean and together push for a balanced and abundant future for our grandchildren.”  

There will also be a lineup of speakers on Conservation Topics hosted by the Blue Jay Listening Room Stage. Reputable speakers and experts in the field will speak on pressing environmental issues, share insights into marine conservation and hopefully rouse attendees to take action.  

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With thought-provoking discussions and eye-opening presentations, the Speakers Series looks like it’s going to be a highlight of Florida Fin Fest. 

Florida Fin Fest 2023 Musical Lineup 

  • Tank and the Bangas 
  • Cimafunk 
  • Fortunate Youth 
  • Shwayze 
  • Honey Hounds 
  • The Lee Boys 
  • Melody Trucks 
  • Sam Burchfield 
  • Lpt 
  • Airpark 
  • Kalani Rose Band 
  • Virginia Man 
  • Twin Suns 
  • Academy 
  • Chris Thomas Project 
  • Babe Honey 
  • Rambler Kane 
  • Jordan Foley & The Wheelhouse 
  • Max Danger 

For more information, please visit the official Florida Fin Fest website at Stay connected and receive updates by following us on social media @flfinfest. 

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