Florida’s Famous Foods – Stone Crab & Apalachicola Oysters

Florida - Famous Food - Stone Crab - Oysters
Florida - Famous Food - Stone Crab - Oysters

If you’re heading to Florida, you may not expect the food there to be any different from any other place in the US you’ve been to, but you’d be mistaken. The local food in the state tells its own story that speaks of history, climate, culture, and tradition.  

Florida is on the South end of the East coast. Thus, it borders the Atlantic Ocean as well as the Gulf of Mexico. This offers a wide variety of seafood as well as citrus. And then, of course, it features the southern flare mixed with the influence and flavor of Latin and Spanish culture. So, let’s discuss Florida’s Famous Foods – Stone Crab & Apalachicola Oysters.

Florida Stone Crabs 

With 825 miles of coastline, Florida is naturally one of the hottest locations for seafood in the northern hemisphere. If you are planning a visit here from October 15 through May 15, you can expect to be in seafood heaven.  

The food that Florida is probably most famous for is the Stone Crab. This crab can be found in the western North Atlantic, all along the Eastern United States, and down to Belize. They’re also found in the Gulf of Mexico, Cuba, and Texas, but Florida is famous for it.  

The harvesting of stone crabs in Florida is one of the most regulated and sustainable seafood industries in the US. Notably, they only harvest the claws – and only one claw is taken. Then the crabs are tossed back to the sea where they will eventually regenerate their claws. 

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Because the stone crab is so highly regulated in the state, you can always count on getting a pricey delicacy each time you order it. Though it will set you back $10-15 per claw, the cost is well worth it. Not only are you getting one of the most delicious seafoods in the world, but you’re also contributing to Florida’s sustainable fishing industries for generations to come. 

Florida - Famous Food - Stone Crab - Oysters

Apalachicola Oysters 

Another Florida delicacy is the Apalachicola Oyster. Gathered from the Apalachicola Bay on the panhandle of Florida where it meets the peninsula, these briny delicacies supply nearly all of Florida’s restaurants and oyster houses. 

The sweet flavor of the oyster is in the meat, so be sure to bite down or you’ll miss out on the complete experience! In Florida, you can expect to find oysters served raw, fried, in chowders, or in Po’boys. Florida boasts some of the best seafood in the US so, when you take a trip here, you don’t want to miss out on some of the freshest, most delicious oysters in the country. 

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