Extreme Water Adventures in Panama City Beach

Panama City Beach - Florida
Panama City Beach - Florida

Panama City Beach, Florida has a laid-back way about it with miles of white sandy beaches and emerald waters. But worry not! There are plenty of extreme and adrenaline-pumping activities available to enjoy here.

So, if you’re looking for something a bit more exciting than the typical lazy day at the beach, you’ve come to the right place. Check out these extreme water adventures in Panama City Beach.

Airboat Adventure / Swampvette

Veteran-owned and operated, Airboat Adventure offers a few separate adventures from which to choose.

  • Alligator boat rides begin with a trip through some alligator exhibits followed by a very informative alligator demonstration. Then it’s off to an hour-long eco-tour through the creeks, marsh areas, and backwaters of West Bay.
  • You can also hop aboard an hour-long private tour aboard “Mudstang” and bring up to five people along for the ride.
  • The nighttime alligator hunting tour presents the perfect chance to watch the sunset before taking off on an alligator hunt.

Panama City Beach - Florida

The Scream Machine and The Sea Screamer

Dubbed A Roller-coaster on Water, the Scream Machine has numerous cruises to choose from. Prices range from $44 to over $1,000 depending on the package you choose. The Thrill Ride is a 60-minute “roller-coaster” ride on a twin-engine jet boat, with turns, nose dives, and 360-degree spins at high speeds!

The Scream Machine launches from Adventures at Sea, behind Off the Hook, on Thomas Drive, near Grand Harbor Bridge. They’re located on N Lagoon Dr, Panama City Beach, Florida and can be reached at (317) 709-2235. 

The Sea Screamer is very much like the Scream Machine but decidedly larger. It tours throughout the Shell Island waters and near the State Park area jetties. The Screamer provides cold refreshments, beer, wine, and snacks are available to purchase at the cash-only bar. 

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While taking in the beautiful scenery, tour throughout the Shell Island waters and near the State Park area jetties, then go for a refreshing 10-mile ride alongside the world’s most beautiful beaches and resorts.

Sea Screamer launches from Treasure Island Marina – also on Thomas Drive but on the other side of Grand Harbor Bridge, closer to St Andrew’s State Park.  

Paradise Watersports at Panama City

Located on N Lagoon Dr in Panama City Beach, Paradise Watersports offers you a chance to get a bird’s eye view of the area from hundreds of feet above the water. Also, you can also choose to fly off the beach behind your resort.

They offer Shell Island Parasailing and the Banana Boat ride adrenaline rush to keep your blood pumping. Packages range from $79 per person at 600 ft to $99 for 800 ft.

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