Blowing Rocks Preserve Will Blow Your Mind

Florida - Hobe Sound - Blowing Rocks Preserve - Beach
Florida - Hobe Sound - Blowing Rocks Preserve - Beach

In a region that is filled with miles of white sandy beach, Blowing Rocks Preserve, in Hobe Sound, Florida, is special. Rather than just sand, this rugged limestone shoreline looks like it was cut from the shoreline of Maine.  

Situated on Jupiter Island, this beach is managed by the Nature Conservancy so it’s relatively rugged and pure. In fact, even food and beverages aren’t allowed on this beach. So, come along as we describe Blowing Rocks Preserve – What to Know About This Stunning Beach. 

Blowing Rocks Preserve – What’s in a Name? 

Blowing Rocks Preserve gets its name from how the waves interact with the rocks on the shoreline during rough seas and high tide. At such times, water spews out of holes in the Anastasia limestone formations.  

At times the seawater spouts can reach 50 feet into the air. However, these conditions are more common in the winter months. Visitors to the beach report that it is a one-of-a-kind experience and can be a different experience with each visit – and always stunning.  

At times you may see sand piled so high that the limestone rocks are barely noticeable at the top. At other times, like during low tide, you can get below the rock formations that resemble cliffs and explore small sea caves that have been etched out by the waves. 

 What to Explore at Blowing Rocks and What to Watch Out For 

 At times, visitors to Blowing Rock have witnessed ebullient waves smashing into the limestone formations. At those times, if the light is right, you’ll see beautiful turquoise colored water and tide pools decorated with a wall of spangly shells and barnacles.  

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This jewel-like combination of shells and barnacles is often called coquina and has been known since 1672 when the Spaniards built Castillo de San Marcos with it. These shiny walls are composed of ancient coral reefs, sand ridges and shells and can be found in several places along Florida’s east coast. However, the grandest outcropping happens to be found at the Blowing Rocks Preserve. 

Begin at the dune crossover and explore both to the north and to the south covering the entire one-mile-long stretch of the Blowing Rock Preserve beach. Take care, however, because some of the rock formations can be sharp and barbed – we might suggest purchasing a pair of beach shoes ahead of your journey.   

Around Blowing Rocks Preserve 

Past the southern boundary of Blowing Rocks Preserve you’ll enter an area where houses line the beach. Don’t worry though, the beach remains public land below the mean high tide line allowing you to continue your exploration of the area.  

To the north of the Blowing Rock Preserve the formations become smaller and that’s when you start seeing fishermen casting their lines.    

Florida - Hobe Sound - Blowing Rocks Preserve - Beach

Planning Your Visit to Blowing Rocks Preserve 

Many have asked what the best time is to visit Blowing Rocks to witness the “blowing” phenomena. We say, visit on a day you know the seas will be rough. Check the current tide forecast for the area before hitting the beach as high tide times change from day to day. 

Parking at Blowing Rock is plentiful. If the oceanfront lot is packed, you can always park at the education center across the street.  The beach is rather inexpensive, costing just $2 per person with children under 12 getting in gratis. 

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Again, food and drink are not allowed on this beach in order to keep it as untouched as possible. Also, unfortunately, dogs are not allowed on this beach. This 73-acre preserve is located on Hobe Sound on Jupiter Island. It sits on a sliver of barrier island between the Indian River Lagoon and the ocean. 

The education center across the street from the beach offers informative and attractive exhibits. There are also restrooms and a shady porch surrounded by mangroves. 

Attractions Near Blowing Rocks Preserve in Jupiter and Hobe Sound 

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