5 Best Ways to See Sea Turtles near Melbourne Beach, Florida

Sea Turtles - Melbourne Beach - Florida
Sea Turtles - Melbourne Beach - Florida

It’s only natural to want to see sea turtles if you’re traveling to Florida and are a lover of the sea and its inhabitants. They’re at once the most vulnerable and the most enduring of sea creatures.

From May to October, each year, a wonderful thing occurs on the beaches of Florida. Overnight, Florida’s beaches become a veritable sea turtle nursery. Egg-laden loggerhead, green, and leatherback turtles trudge onto Florida beaches to release their clutch into sandy, concealed nests.

Visitors to Melbourne Beach, Florida get a firsthand view of the action. As we addressed in 3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Mess with Florida’s Sea Turtles, there are strict rules about Florida’s sea turtles, and you may want a guide. Let’s unpack the 5 Best Ways to See Sea Turtles in Melbourne Beach, Florida

#1 Archie Carr National Wildlife Refuge – Melbourne

The Archie Carr Wildlife Refuge is just over a 20-mile stretch of beach stretching from Melbourne Beach to Wabasso. Loggerheads come here for nesting season more than any other place in the Western Hemisphere.

Sea Turtles - Melbourne Beach - Florida

You can also see leatherback and green turtles nesting here. Due to the protections the Wildlife Refuge has put in place, these two species of turtle have been nesting here in increasing numbers over the last few years.

#2 Sea Turtle Preservation Society

The Sea Turtle Preservation Society is located just North of Melbourne Beach and the Archie Carr Wildlife Refuge, in Indialantic, Florida. In fact, the society actually offers turtle walks to the Archie Carr Wildlife Refuge.

However, these walks come with no guarantee you’ll see turtles. Despite that, the Preservation Society has a fairly high success rate.

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#3 Vero Beach

Also on Florida’s East Coast, just under an hour south of Melbourne Beach, Vero Beach can be part of your road trip. Here there are numerous organizations that can guide you to the right places to safely view sea turtles.  Disney’s Vero Beach Resort offers a guided Sea Turtle Night Walk.

#4 Coastal Connections

Coastal Connections provided numerous options for catching sight of some sea turtles including an “adopt-a-nest” option. “Adopt-a-nest” is a great way to get first-hand looks at and information on the lifecycle of these baby turtles and it comes with some perks. You’ll receive adoption papers and continuing information on your nest once it hatches.

#5 The Florida Keys

It’s a few hours away from Melbourne Beach but would make a perfect companion to your road trip. As you might have assumed, the Florida Keys are perfectly placed to be prime sea turtle real estate. At any given time during the season, you can discover five species of Florida Sea Turtle here.

Not only are the Florida Keys absolutely gorgeous, but if you travel here during nesting season, you’re not likely to forget the experience. There are numerous spots to catch a glimpse throughout the keys.

Enjoy your Florida Vacation and have fun but please, not at the expense of our sea turtles. Be sure and stay up to speed on all the hot spots and sweet destinations in Florida.

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